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In Topic: Have You Ever Wondered, Why Cone Temperatures Are Random?

15 November 2016 - 07:20 PM

Thanks Martin!


That is very nice of you, We love teaching about materials and helping everyone make their studios better. There is plenty more to come! Keep your eyes on the skies (and our Facebook group https://www.facebook...erialsworkshop/ )

 And please spread the world, tell all your friends and social networks about us. Word of mouth is the best adv ertising in the ceramics community. 


If you found the video interesting and want to know more about glaze chemistry and what all those numbers mean when you look at insight-live or glazy.org I couldn't recommend highly enough the Glazed and Confused course offered by Matt.


Crazy amount of well presented information and a stupidly low price. I've had a vague understanding of what the numbers mean from reading various books and online articles but never explained so clearly in such depth with loads of diagrams.


In no way affiliated but now a massive fan boy, hope you continue to release all the future courses you hint at.