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format of glaze recipes

01 October 2012 - 10:56 AM

Hi everyone,

It's starting to rain here in northern BC, and this marks the start of me "hunkering down for the winter" as it won't be long before the snow flies. I'm looking especially forward to this winter as I have just bought a small test kiln and my goal is obsess on glaze testing and furthering my glaze chemistry education. I've spent a good part of the last month digging three types of clay of various firing temperatures, as well as have gathered some rather interesting potential glaze materials.

Yesterday was day one and I so happy to find my glaze program is now online. After losing my laptops in a break in last spring. It's back to square one, putting my glaze recipes into the computer. I am now also keeping copies of them in google drive.

my question is for those who are often working with and comparing recipes. What is your favorite way to list the materials? (aside from the additions). Many recipes seem to put the larger amounts first. Some seem to put the fluxes and then the glass formers. Alphabetical would also make sense to make it easy to compare, I thought. I have the chance here to have all my recipes entered the same and would love to hear how others prefer it, or is there a standard in the ceramics programs?