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#61209 Why Is Our Work Better Than Imported Work?

Posted by Natania on 20 June 2014 - 07:34 AM

I think it is important to provide people with an alternative to mass produced work. Not everyone will take advantage of the opportunity we offer. Have you ever wondered why the target cup is 2.99 when its been made on the other side of the world? Why is it so cheap for a cup to travel, and so expensive for me to do so (lol)? Because the company who makes the cups has externalized the cost by using underpaid laborers and fossil fuels. Who pays the rest of the price for our 2.99 cup? The person in china who earned less than a penny making it. I heard on the radio that the average fast food worker in China has to work 3 hours to afford one fast food meal, as opposed to one in America who can afford one after one hour of work. If you haven't seen the Story of Stuff (www.storyofstuff.org) then you should, it is amazing. The truth is that cheap target cup is part of an unsustainable system that damages us all, destroys the planet and creates more toxins than one would ever guess. Without makers offering the option of handmade, ethically sourced ware (as much as possible) and other goods, the public has no choice but to continue to support this system. We here in the west have a lot of power with every dollar we spend to help or harm. I think makers of handmade goods should try to educate our buying public as well as sell to them... most of us have no idea where all our stuff comes from (it just appears on our doorstep from Amazon). Isn't it our responsibility as consumers to be aware of how/where our stuff is made, when possible?



P.S. some states are offering renewable energy options through their electric companies. All my electric will be from renewable sources starting July 1....

#51327 Consignment, Reasonable Expectations

Posted by Natania on 29 January 2014 - 09:30 PM

Actually, I thought that 60/40 was a more common consignment split. I was under the impression that since you are "stocking their shelves for free" (good point), you get a slightly higher percentage. That said, I've had arrangements with both 50/50 and 60/40 for consignment. I really much prefer wholesale, but if I really like the shop or location I feel I should be flexible....

#32990 It's a luxury and curse

Posted by Natania on 16 April 2013 - 05:26 AM

Do not confuse Obsessive Compulsive disorder with Schizophrenia.

if I said there is no justification for him doing that, I'd be just as wrong as the late 19th Century art critics who said there was no justification for Cezanne painting the way he did.


Many impressionists painted the way they did for many reasons: unusual imagination, defects in the vision, recreational use of ... whatever they were taking. Many had some mental problems. Their art justified their flaws. Their art will be here forever.

Brigg's art will be here forever too! Simply because it is well done mechanically, it is outstanding, unforgettable.
Whatever caused his imagination to go that sick, I cannot and shouldn't guess. However, what he created does not justify the cause.

Although ... I looked at it again, and you know, I see hate in his art. Yes, hate! So, if he, been a nice man (as Marcia said about him), wants to tell people in a nice manner how disgusting the mankind is, than I can see the justification of ... whatever his problem is.

Brigg even admitted this by himself; he said what influences his art is "an ugly wrinkle, fat neck, a pimple". Not a beauty of the human's body, not a deepness of the human soul, but the ugly inside of it.

Maybe he sees the beautiful in the ugly?

#32217 super dark clay body and glazes

Posted by Natania on 04 April 2013 - 01:23 PM

Here are some pieces I made with standard 266. I use a glaze called "Cream breaking red" and fire to cone 5. I will post the glaze recipe when I find it (I left my glaze notebook at school where I teach)....I apply the glaze quite thinly to get more of the clay color showing through...I would love to find a creamy white that shows up on this clay, but I can't imagine there is one that would work...

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#31609 What bisque firing schedule do you use?

Posted by Natania on 26 March 2013 - 05:26 AM

I have the old fashioned dials (my ipad just wrote "ideals" for me instead of dials, which i also hope i have!).I set the kiln to low for two hours, med. for two and high for two, it usually shuts off in 4-6 hours from setting it on high. I go slow because I've got a very dark brown cone 5 stoneware body that does better with a slow firing. Hope this helps!

#28518 Help with Resume/CV/Portfolio

Posted by Natania on 25 January 2013 - 07:30 PM

I am not so confident in my artist's statement skills myself, but have learned a lot from looking at the websites of artists and potters whose work I admire online. There are statements on most websites, and you can read though them taking notes about what topics they address, how the statements are structured, etc. of course the content of yours would be different, but researching for inspiration is a good place to start. Often CVs are on websites too. Good luck!