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In Topic: dry/damaged fingernails after working with clay

18 September 2012 - 07:11 PM

Thanks for this ! I've just started again after a 20 year break and my hands are a mess ! And yes - it does seem to be worse with the porcelain.

Next question - where on earth do I get Bag Balm in Australia ?! :D

*Off to search the internet*

You can get bag balm from any vet clinics in Australia, but an aspiring business has clicked this is a popular product and now produce a fantastic range of products marketed as 'MooGoo' here. everything from bath milk, excema cream, body milk, hand cream etc etc available at most chemists- great stuff!

In Topic: Broken Wrist Needs Pep Talk

13 July 2012 - 08:03 PM

Hi Isculpt
I'm a daily reader here and havnt commented in a post for 6 mths.
This story stirs me to write- 6 yrs ago I survived a spinal injury that the specialists say I now should be wheelchair bound from- long story, so I wont detail- with my PT and all other specialists I too became a perfect student! I wanted my life back- after being an art teacher for 22 years I had to retire because of the injury and sadly quickly sunk into depression. My counsellor suggested I create a hobby I could manage in my limits to keep my brain busy and active and to use as a meditative pain relief..some one showed me clay :)
I quickly became addicted, purchased lots of cheap 2nd hand gear and started to play. An hour a day was my limit in the mud, but reading books, watching youtube clips, joining here etc all filled my day with interesting and challenging thoughts that kept my mind off pain (to a point) and gave me something to be passionate about.
Over 4 yrs I studied slowly part time and graduated last year with BVA (major ceramics).
Its very easy to focus on what we have lost! Work hard at the physical therapies but work harder on a positive attitude and the knowledge that life will go on, it will just be different.
The idea for a sketchbook is a valuable one- you will approach your practise differently and learn new skills that will be valuable.
We are moving house in 8 days all because of my injury ( a down size to manage better on one wage) and I am watching my studio being packed up, knowing the new home doesnt have one.
I too will need to be patient, to wait until a space is made for me- so back to books and movies about clay for me for a while too.
Trust, have faith, be grateful, be positive and only think of healing now. I wish you the very best in your healing.

In Topic: Porcelain and Ceramic Jewelry

28 May 2012 - 04:51 AM

Hi Fuad,
I thought I had responded to your sanding comments- maybe with this being reposted its been deleted.
Wet sanding should not create any dust at all. I use automotive suppliers wet sand paper as it gives the smoothest finish.
Half fill a bucket with water and I put all the jewellery needing sanding in there. Work on one at a time underwater = no dust!
Its a very fast process so doesnt add much to the making process, they end up smooth as glass.
I find over time they can become marked when worn often, but I just wash mine in soapy water with a soft brush and also advise buyers the same.
hope this helps Lyn

In Topic: Porcelain and Ceramic Jewelry

24 May 2012 - 08:02 PM

this has been an informative thread - thank you

In Topic: Does Anybody Paint their Bisqueware?

21 May 2012 - 09:33 PM

I too have a painting background and had that desire to paint the clay surface.
My steps are - first make form and fire to maturity (ie to suit clay chosen)
then gesso the surface with 2 coats and paint away with usual techniques. Personally, I have used JoSonja gauche for 25 years (originally created for the folk art hobby market).
It has a system of many mediums, designed to be used with the product, and like any brand chosen I would recommend using a complete 'one brand system'.
So with JS I use 'glaze medium' when I need a transparent wash and 'flow medium' to make the gauche spreadable and 'retarder' for more open time. All acrylics have a medium system
to use with their pigments- I would never mix brands.
After layering the paints, and the painting is complete always seal!
With JS I use 'sealer; for a tough gloss finish- some of my pieces have been outside over 20 years with no problems.
For interior use the satin varnish is used.
If you have a 'system' already in your studio just use that with the same mediums you would use for painting + a final sealer. This could be oils or acrylics.
Saying all of that, try all your painting techniques using underglazes, matt-satin-gloss clear glazes and overglazes and fire the work. A very permanant outcome
where you can explore your usual painting techniques and get fantastic outcomes.
cheers Lyn