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In Topic: Qotw: What Do You Listen To While Working In The Studio? Music, Tv, Talk Radi...

18 May 2017 - 03:31 PM

General observations about sounds when I am working:

  • If there isn't something playing on the radio and I am alone, the voice of the potter talking (occasionally cursing) to his clay may be the only sounds. The clay doesn't mind my pun-slinging and is OK with dad jokes.
  • If the radio is on, it is more likely to be an oldies station.  Thankfully, I define oldie to include any number of classical symphonic works from the 18th and 19th centuries along with any number of 1960's an '70's groups with great horn sections.
  • If I am outdoors and doing (mostly) hand-building...the sound of the waterfall in the pond or the crackle of the fire is all that I need....well, maybe accented by an aluminum can, pop-top-ahhhh combination.
  • If the grands are in the studio with me, the only sounds that matter are the silly laughs that seem to extend right up to the time when a kiddo is siting on the side of the clay sink while Papa is spraying the signs of fun off of arms and legs.



In Topic: Qotw: Participants Question Pool For Future Qotw's

18 May 2017 - 03:03 PM

Several years ago, Gail Sheehy wrote a book titled "Passages: Predictable Crises of Adult Life" (I just discovered another book by Gail, New Passages that is also available on Amazon).  I believe that the veterans here on the forum have likely witnessed Patterns: Predictable Crises of the Clay Artist and I wonder what identifiable stages we can identify in our own journeys into clay/pottery/ceramics?...and what are the indicators of where we are (individually) along those paths?


Maybe we identify just one predictable crisis and then have the forum describe the symptoms and how they moved forward?




In Topic: Clay Trap Suggestions?

15 May 2017 - 03:21 PM

Gleco works for me.  It is relatively easy to install and cleaning out the trap is a breeze (albeit a 'stinky' breeze).


In Topic: How Clay Has Shaped You?

12 May 2017 - 02:23 PM



Congratulations on the completion of your undergraduate studies...certainly in the world of clay arts, this is known as the commencement of life-long learning :)


I didn't know what to think when I would discover ancient pottery shards in the red clay creek banks where I grew up in Middle Georgia. Visits to museums probably opened my eyes to the vast history that clay has played in civilizations past and somewhere along my path in architectural studies, I ventured back (mentally) several hundred years and wondered what shared experiences we all have had (to some degree) in working with clay.  That historical connection continues to contribute to my growth and learning. My questions have lead me to historical sites on three continents, archeological digs that I found hypnotic, and more museums than I even want to think about.  I may have several answers to  the "How Has Clay Shaped Me?" question, but I seem to return to connections that I make with clay today with the hands of those from ions ago whose shards I found on the banks of the creek. I have been humbled many times by thinking that something I have done is fresh and new, only to discover that someone several hundred years ago created something frighteningly similar and with far less sophisticated tools.


My friends here on the forum would understand a simpler pun for my answer..."Clay just keeps me grounded."




In Topic: Foodsafe Glaze Over Non-Foodsafe Glaze?

02 March 2017 - 08:41 AM

Unless you are willing to do a lot of lab tests, expend a lot of energy, and still find your self asking this question...the answer is still 'No'.  It simply isn't worth the risk to use a known recipe ingredient that is harmful/toxic, especially on functional ware.  As Babs recommends...find another glaze that achieves similar results and breathe easier knowing those who enjoy your work are safe.