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In Topic: Do You Throw Straight Out Of The Pugger?

24 May 2014 - 07:22 PM

I have recently purchased one of the new model Shimpo deairing pugmill and I throw clay straight out of the pug mill .  I wedge the clay on the wheel by coning it up and down a few times  to make sure I have it conditioned properly.  If I am lazy or forget to cone up smaller pieces like 4 or 5 pounds  I have had the odd s-crack but by and large none.    I had previously used a Walker non deairing pugmill and always had to pre wedge as well as cone but this new one has saved me and my poor old wrists a ton of time and stress.    I do fairly heavy production of up to 200 pounds a day many days and really appreciate the ability to have the clay come out of the pugger so well conditioned.

In Topic: How Much Difference Does A De-Airing Pug Mill Make?

13 February 2014 - 08:53 AM

The new Shimpo all in one pugmill has a lid with a seal and the clay stays moist for quite a long time if you close and seal the lid  and put on the end cap.


For the old Peter Pugger I used to have a thick piece of upholstery foam that I soaked in water and tucked around any clay in the machine then put a couple of plastic garbage bags on top.

In Topic: How Much Difference Does A De-Airing Pug Mill Make?

12 February 2014 - 07:28 AM

That's one expensive machine. You must do a huge amount of pottery to justify it. I think you have convinced me to upgrade my little hundred dollar pug mill to de-airing.


thanks for the perspective

I do a lot of wholesale and my hands were so bad I needed to do something to take the pressure off them. That was my primary goal and it's been great that way.  Clay comes out of the pug and I just wirecut into the size of piece needed.  My production has increased a lot and an added benefit is that I do not have any big garbage pails sitting around the studio waiting for me to reclaim them.Scraps and rejects go right back into the machine for the next batch.

I was also wasting a lot of clay simply because I hated to take the time to reclaim it .  By my calculation I have already saved myself about $500-600 worth of clay since I got it last June.  Also the time factor, I think I will have paid myself back in clay and time saved in the reclaim process and wedging by next fall.

I don't do much dry mixing in the winter because it's an indoor set up; but come spring, when the polar vortex abates here I will also save $ by being able to use dry bagged clay and not have to pay to have "water" shipped to me.  That will also represent a savings of about .07 cents/pound on clay.


Now to the point of the original question," is the clay better when pugged in this new machine than the stuff from the old Peter Pugger I used to use a couple of times a year,?' 


Unequivocally YES!  The dry mix and reclaim are a bit short sometimes but some vinegar and new clay easily compensate,  I also add some other plasticizers if needed but that's a different discussion.


I am a one person operation and that pricey little gadget is the equivalent to hiring someone two days a week to do the jobs it does.  I guess that is how I justify it.\



In Topic: How Much Difference Does A De-Airing Pug Mill Make?

11 February 2014 - 05:02 AM

Last year I began to have some pretty severe arthritic problems in my hands an wrists after 30 yrs of making pottery,  I had only used an old relic of a peter Pugger  borrowed from a school. I have upgraded to the new Shimpo mixer/pugmill



I am a walking ad for this machine.  I can mix and pug out about 100 pounds a couple of times a day and it is always the perfect consistency.  Easy to use, reconstitutes dry scrap in no time at all and it means far less waste in my studio.    Best money I have ever spent,   It deairs clay perfectly and if I want a bit more aeration or plasiticity i just don't run the vacuum as long or add some vinegar to the mixer.



In Topic: How's The Weather?

04 January 2014 - 08:26 AM

Has been as cold or colder than Mars for the past few weeks , -40+F temps here in Manitoba , everytime the temp gets above -25C here it snows about 3 inches,  That's what happening today.   I want Hawaii!!


Cheers to all who are braving the elements.