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How Many Hours A Day Do You Work?

18 December 2013 - 06:58 AM

I have been looking at your displays, and am amazed at how much you all have! To make a living at this, do you work a full time day, or more than an 8 hour day? I have gotten into 2 shows so far, one in March and one in April, and have no back stock. I was making custom from orders on etsy, so haven't been making things to put away.

So what does a typical business day look like for you?

I am adding up what I need and that I have about 90 days, and getting nervous! I do not throw quickly. Handles take me forever. I can make bowls very quickly! I want to try some shows, but don't want to get ahead of myself here.

The shows are in NJ and Maryland, because I have family I can stay with at both places, saving on expenses.

So any information on a typical day would be greatly appreciated,

Help! New Help With Nameplate Splitting Off

15 December 2013 - 09:48 AM

I am trying to make these mugs for Christmas, and I put the nameplates on, then dried the mugs slowly. Candled for 12 hours, then slowly bisqued to cone 05. They seemed ok, but then split when I glaze fired to cone 5.

1. Can I reglaze split area and refire to cone 6? Might that correct this? And if to:

2. Why is this happening at the glaze firing, not the bisque firing!?

Thanks, I have to get these presents made! Seeing family this week!

Extruder - Worth The Money?

15 December 2013 - 07:04 AM

I was just at my local clay store, and was talking about handles. Another potter told me how he makes his with his extruder. He also makes butter dishes and the sides of mugs.

Is an extruder worth the $400 or so? It would be a big purchase for me right now. What can you make with it besides handles? Can you really make butter dishes? I'm not wrapping my brain around how you make a mug!

Throwing Plates

13 December 2013 - 07:34 AM

The bane of my existence is throwing plates. I have not been able to master this form, so I just don't sell them. But I would like to offer sets, and I don't want to use slip cast molds, especially because I know you can't bring stuff made with molds to most shows.

I have made plates by laying a slab of clay on a hump, cut around, softened the edges and put a foot on, but it doesn't ever fire without warping. Would I have better success with earthenware clay? Any hints you would feel you could share?

Thanks, much appreciated,

How Do You Figure Out How Much To Bring To A Show?

09 December 2013 - 07:06 PM

So I am applying to some shows, and if I get in, there will be a variety of crowd sizes, and also of sales, as reported on artfairinsiders.com. So how do you figure out how much to take? I do functional pottery: mugs, plates, bowls, dog bowls, and then dog bone ornaments, and wind chimes. My price point is from $12 to about $60 for the bigger bowls. It is electric kiln fired, simple and neat.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,

Added on 1/21/14

Yikes! I applied to about 12 shows and got into about 7 of them so far. No huge shows yet, just local and mid-sized. I was wait-listed at ArtRider in NJ, which is big, and haven't heard from the Penn State show, but I'm thinking I will NOT get into that one. One of the show directors from a different show sent me an email showing me how my booth picture and object pictures should look, and I am lucky he was so nice. My pictures should have been laughed out of the jury room.

So down to the nuts and bolts. How much of each item should I have? At my own shop, and on etsy, I couldn't keep this one glaze combo in stock. It's very popular. So I am looking to take mugs, bowls, medium sized bowls, a few bigger bowls, salad plates and dinner plates, spoon rests, ringholders, trinket dishes and wind chimes. My mugs are $22 without a name, $25 with Mom, Dad, an initial, etc on them. I know, they are cheesy and not artsy, but they sell. People know what to do with a MOM mug. :) oh, and some canisters, and if I can get a big extruder, I would love to learn how to make butter dishes and plates, as someone told me they do.

Any ideas of numbers? And BTW, I make jewelry too, and the shows are all filled instantly with jewelry. Amazing! So glad I applied with pottery!