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In Topic: Anyone Know Who Did This Awesome Pot?

17 April 2016 - 07:48 PM

Lisa Naples probably.I love her work too. I got her DVD from CAD. She is very awesome.

She lives near Philadelphia in Doylestown, Pa.


Here are some links on Ceramic Arts Daily (upper left corner)





Thanks, Marcia!! She has really cool work!! 


In Topic: Does Anyone Recognize This Low Fire Glaze?

17 April 2016 - 06:00 AM

Thought I'd bump this since someone saw it somewhere on line and is interested in it. I think it's a commercial,"flow" glaze, but I still can't find the color online.


In Topic: Need To Step Up Production

13 April 2016 - 06:14 PM

sounds like you are on it. Mind sharing how many orders your getting a day/week/month on etsy?

I was getting one every few weeks, then a few weeks ago I started getting maybe one a week, then maybe two, now I'm getting 2 to 4 orders a week. I got two last night. I am getting nervous because I have a year to go until retirement!

In Topic: Would Low Firing Give Me Much Better Colors?

12 April 2016 - 06:45 AM

It looks like both Kifer and Howell are doing low fire majolica on earthenware with commercial Amaco GDC Majolica glazes.
You can get brighter colors in oxidation with stains, but those two examples you like are using low fire.

Thanks, Marcia. Does that mean the are putting the majolica glaze on first? On greenware or bisque?
Nancy lee,
Colorants on majolica are usually put on top of the unfired tin-glaze. The ware is bisqued fired sometimes to ^03 or 02 and  often blemishes are sanded, washed with a diluted vinegar solution, then dipped into the majolica. Sometimes the glaze has starch added to it or hair spray sprayed onto the glaze to make the glaze surface harder as one paints.Go to Linda Arbuckle's handouts on majolica for good step by step methods and recipes.You can mix stains and Gerstley borate of the overglazes.

Thanks Marcia, I'm off to check them out!

In Topic: Need To Step Up Production

12 April 2016 - 06:39 AM

Lots of great advice. The only thing I would add is to spend the bulk of your time finding those 10 daily orders you mention. I have no idea how many of orders you have now are filtered through friends and family but once you are doing this full time those guys are not likely going to be good for 300 orders a month and organizing can be done any time and on the fly but marketing and bringing in steady orders has to be the top of the list or the rest of it is for naught.

I sell on etsy - that's where all of my orders come from. Instagram and Facebook haven't brought in any orders. I'm going to try advertising on Facebook, but I'm having trouble as they keep telling me I have an issue with my seller's account, and since I've never had a seller's account and they won't respond back to me, I haven't done that yet.

I'm looking into a flyer or brochure to cop at some vet's offices also.