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In Topic: Can Heavy Hand-Built Forms Be Lightened?

01 November 2016 - 11:08 AM

Nancy, I start at 3/16 for mugs (and all my forms actually) and then texture, shape, form etc. I only ever do 3/8 if I am making a bisque mold or press mold as that is quite thick.

Ah, thank you!

In Topic: How Long Do You Like To Be In The Studio?

01 November 2016 - 11:05 AM

Yes today is bit like above post as I have to go to the DMV to straighten out on of my 9 vehicle /boat /trailer titles. Seems they made a mistake ion it a few years ago. That will get me out of the studio for a few hours in middle of day.I have not left the property for days.

Bayliners, powerboats, sailboats? ;D I was living in Morro Bay on a boat for the last almost 2 years.
If I was not already working my dream job as a graphic designer, I would probably be doing clay full time. But alas, I have too many hobbies to keep track of and often times too little an attention span to enjoy them for as long as I would like to. It's not that I get bored, I just remember something I wanted to go home and paint, or draw, or plant in the garden, or clean my car, or cook dinner, or feed the cat.... where was I going again?

I'm just like this! I get bored easily, so I never end up getting that good at anything. Like handles. I watched some guy make handles, pull them and attach them for a few hours the other day. I'd scream if I had to do that for several hours. I could do an hour, tops, then my brain finds something else for me to do.
Yeah, I have ADD. I can spend a lot of time at something but skip around in the medium.

In Topic: What Surface Do You Wedge On?

01 November 2016 - 07:59 AM

I googled and came up with Hardie siding and hardy board. What is hardie board and where would I get it? I made a plaster wedging board and it's still wet after a month!!!

In Topic: Water In A Studio Without Plumbing: Ideas Needed

01 November 2016 - 06:03 AM

I'm surprised that so many pack water!  I have a dry studio too, about a block away from my house.  I haul 5 gal buckets from home.  I just dip from the buckets, warm the water on the woodstove and pitch the slops into the sagebrush behind the shed.  (Which is a giant snow/ice/mud pile right now..)  Really dirty stuff comes home to hose off outside or (winter) wash in my mudroom sink.  I never thought of a pump with a recirculating system.  I have wondered about building a rack with a basin in it and creating a settling and "clear-ish reclaim" bucket under.  You could have buckets with spigots above the basin - one clean and one reclaimed for washing in a gravity fed sink-like system.  For now I just pack and dip.

Doesn't washing off dirty stuff in your mud room sink clog up your pipes? I dint mind I running water for throwing, but clean-up is a major hassle without a studio sink. I actually moved to a paid studio fir this reason.

In Topic: Can Heavy Hand-Built Forms Be Lightened?

01 November 2016 - 05:30 AM

So how thick do you all roll your slabs for handbuilt mugs? I was starting at 3/8 inches and texturing a bit thinner, but they still feel heavy. I would never throw a mug that thick!