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New Kiln Shelves/ Shelf Paper

14 April 2016 - 11:26 AM

I have an old Duncan Kiln that has seen many good years of service.  I have had it for 20 of those years  I bought it used and have recently replaced the elements in it.  The shelves are original and  are warping  I usually fire to  cone 04 for the first firing and then to a cone 6 for the final fire.  It is an  15" octagon shelf that is being used. The shelves are 1/2" thick and are a yellowish color.  Would appreciate any suggestions as to type and thickness I should be looking at.


Don't do a lot of Glaze firing, but some and would like to do more. I recently saw an ad for shelf paper.  and am not familiar with this product.

Common sense tells me it is a liner to keep you shelves clean from glaze drips and runs.  Do you replace it every firing or does it burn out in the firing, If you are familiar with shelf paper what are its pros and cons.  Do you need to Kiln wash your shelves prior to using it or can you leave them bare.


Thanks in advance for any help.