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In Topic: What Is The Most Incorrect "rule" You Ever Heard For Pottery?

15 July 2013 - 02:25 PM


When I first started with clay it was with cone 04 slip.  The rules were pretty clear and on the mark.  But when some years later I moved into using pugged clay cone 6 for hand building and wanted to use more than one color or type ie: porcelain and stoneware.  I was told hat I could only expect failure.  What a joke that turned out to be.  I always question and try things out for myself unless shown concrete proof.  So not only do I mix porcelain and stoneware. I also mix my brands, Bray, Laugna, Immco ect.

I also mix different colors, blacks,browns, reds and the list goes on.  Presently I have 7 different colors and 6 different brands in my studio.  The only thing I look for is the firing cone and shrinkage rate.  Now I am not building any large or heavy pieces but I haven't had any problems in the last 15 years.  My advice on taking advice is take it with a grain or shaker of salt.  And experiment we all learn alot from sucess and failures both.


In Topic: Mosaic Birdbath

28 May 2013 - 01:01 PM

The best glues are things like e-6000 and JB wield
They maybe not the best for birds-the silicone is non toxic but will give up griping over time especially in thaw and warm cycles . It works best on glass.
The thinset/cement and grout option may work but underwater the grout will get funky with growth-There are some swimming pool siliconized grouts-as I used them in my tub/shower tile job. Not sure on toxicity factors.
I would treat the whole job like a swimming pool job.


Mark, Sounds like a pool builder will be my best bet. Since I live in the Northeast corner of Montana and the nearest Pool supply is at least 250 miles away I will have to reasearch this further via Phone or Web.
But since people swim in pool water and ocassionaly swallow it, [how well can u float lol} I would think it would be safe for birds less the pool chemicals. Thanks for the suggestion.

In Topic: Materials to press into clay for random texture

26 April 2013 - 08:29 PM

Have you given any thought to using stiff bristled brushes that you could pounce the clay with. Cheap house painting, paint brushes 2" to 4" wide work nice. I find my texture brushes in the house cleaning section of the hardware store or where ever a store (grocery or Big Box) keeps the cleaning supplies. You have quite a bit of control over where and how much texture you want. I have even used an old paint brush used for painting the house or trim that wasnt rinsed out in time and has stiffened and split in clumps for interesting texture.

In Topic: Any Tips for Studio Organization/Efficiency?

16 January 2013 - 04:57 PM

Wheels on everything. I have put wheels (the locking type) on all my shelving, tables and under my 5 gallon scrap buckets ( plant pot holders on wheels for the buckets). The older I get the less I am able to lift so wheels are a great help. Plus if a table needs to serve double duty from one task to another I am able to re-arrange easily.
Another thing I like to use are strands of chain hung from the floor joists (basement studio) to hang tools or whatever. On my shelving I like to use 2x4"s to stack staggered, for my glaze and stain jars. Plastic baskets that stack are another space saver for me. Any type of rolling cart for storage works well for me. Space on the wall painted with blackboard paint by my kilns to keep track of what is going on. I stack boxes of clay on 2 2x4" boards to keep the clay off the floor. Since I dont have a plumbed sink drain I use a bucket under the drain and keep water usage to a minuim by using a small garden sprayer ( hand pump) to rinse off tools table tops and anything else that needs clean up. Would love to see some photos of how others arrange their workspace.

In Topic: Christmas Ornament Mold Sources

21 December 2012 - 03:36 PM

I used to do alot of poured low fire pieces in days gone by. Some of the mold companies you should look up are Dona, Riverview, Duncan and Alberta plus Doc Holiday. They all carry a good selection of ornament molds.
Hope this helps.