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Firing Of Thinnslabs

12 October 2014 - 05:17 PM

Hi, I was doing 12'x12", 1//4" thick tiles (hearth clay, with and without grog, cone 04-06 using slab roller, electric kiln ) and firing each resting on each kiln shelf with good results ,

but the quantity to be fired is pretty limited.

 I try different tile setters but cracks and warping happened, even those tiles that were pre fired (or the second firing weakens them further!?)


I thought I could do porcelain(?) tiles 13x13, 1/2" thick to use as "shelves" so I can put more all- surface-supported tiles in the kiln. I also thought pre fired the "shelves"before putting them to work, metal would be the best but I know will melt... 



 do you have some suggestions for alternative kiln shelves?

I apologize for my massive ignorance   :o