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#42100 What Do You Do With Your Pottery 'seconds'?

Posted by muddylove on 05 September 2013 - 06:36 PM

I give any really 'good seconds' to close friends and relatives or use them myself.  Any of the bad ones get pinged off with a pellet gun for target practice or smashed with a hammer before being disposed  Lately, I have been using them around my studio/gallery to make things look more artful and interesting for visitors.  Some are in my fish tank in my gallery, some are in my garden as outdoor art.  I use construction adhesive to glue them to boards,  and mount bowls/platters outside on the wall of my studio.  They look nice, and a few pinholes or glaze flaws don't seem to matter when they are part of a mural/decoration on the studio.  I like the idea of a garden wall or gluing them together to make a cool sculpture.   


A few years back one of my friends told me he would collect up all his seconds and he would invite local groups to have a smashing party.  They would 'sell' the seconds to smash.  The money raised would go to charity.  Everyone involved would wear safety gear of course.  Some pots were dropped, thrown, hit with bowling balls etc.  I'm sure there are lots of stress relieving creative ways to crush pots.