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#42008 White Glaze That Blends Well With Dark Glazes

Posted by jennifermulligan on 03 September 2013 - 06:57 PM

OK...I really do know better...but I'm specifically looking for a glaze called "NK white" and was hoping someone would throw out the recipe in response to my plea--because it blends so well with dark glazes. 


Since no one seems to have heard of NK white, let me give you the relevant info:


I am working for the Roanoke Rescue Mission In Roanoke, VA, running the pottery studio for the 18 month residential rehab treatment program.  One of our projects is to provide 150 soup bowls for a "souper bowl" fundraiser in January.  Therefore, I m looking for a functional, food safe glaze. 


I am firing with standard clay #153 (light tan)  to ^6 oxidation.  I inherited a bucket of NK white which is great--a soft gloss that feathers the dark clay it covers--almost like a temouka.  In the past I've used different types  of white--from glossy to matte, and in-between.  But none really interacted with the dark glazes.  I am hoping someone has had success with a white that really melts into the dark glazes underneath, not just covers them.  


Oh...and I I wear a size 7 shoe. 


Anything else?  thanks so much for the help!!!

sending smiles--Jennifer