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In Topic: How Many Kilns?

05 February 2016 - 08:16 PM

Have you checked out Skutt's new 14-16CF front loaders? Not used one of them, but the specs, features and price point are impressive.

I have not seen them in person, but I've talked to Skutt about them, and have them spec'd (16 CuFt) to replace the 1231's. When we built out the studio I added double swing French doors on the side of the building for this reason.

Supposidly, you can fit them through a standard door opening if you remove the kiln door.

I don't have my worksheets with me, but I think the 16 takes us from 85 to 135 pieces per fire. In about the same footprint. This would be the largest single phase kiln they make I believe.

They haven't published the ambient BTUs generated by them, but the techs told me it was around 32k / HR, so we would have to upgrade our heat abatement system.

In Topic: Is There Anywhere To Sell Extra Ceramic?

05 February 2016 - 08:20 AM

Welcome Rachel...


I think this depends largely on two things:

  1. Personal philosophy: There are some folks who feel they don't want anything less than their best work out in the marketplace. From what I've seen, most potters in this group tend to destroy their seconds. If you're not in this group, then...
  2. Are the defects such that the mugs remain functional? There are many defects that can disqualify a mug from functional use. If the mug remains functional, you could offer them as a seconds sale at a reduced price. Even have a second bin at a show, or a flash sale on Facebook or Etsy to clear your back stock.
  3. If the work is not functional anymore (i.e. safe for drinking and consumption of foods), then you can go back to step #1 and destroy the mugs for trash, or
    1. Turn them into a sculptural form like a cascading fountain for the garden, and sell it at an even higher price, or
    2. Break them up into shards and use them is a mosaic of some sort, or
    3. Find another artist through networking, who might be interested in the shards. 

At my shop, we don't have much time to do repurposing, so items are either first quality functional and shipped, or second quality functional and held for flash sales. Everything else is destroyed and thrown out in the trash. I once had a mosaic artist ask if she could have our shards, but she never returned to pick them up. 


We don't want seconds hanging around, it's too expensive. They start to take up precious square footage, and that's rent. So, they have to go to make room for new designs and first quality work. No-one wants our mistakes laying around on tabletops either, we would rather use first quality pieces for tool cups, and personal mugs, and cups. When a customer comes in we want to create a first quality impression.


So, look at it this way. Suppose you took all of your monthly costs and divided them by your studio square footage and figured your cost per square foot. Let's just for fun say that came out to $20 / Sq Ft. So, maybe you have those 1,000 mugs on a 15 foot wall stacked 12inches deep. So that's 15 square feet. Those mugs are costing you $300 / month! So, why pay that much to store things that you call a "Wall of Shame"?


That's 15 SQF of space you could use for first quality work, or something that brings you pleasure, or a piece of equipment that makes you more productive. So, I like the way you're thinking... Time to get rid of that stuff, one way or the other... 


Hope that helps... Have fun!

In Topic: How Many Kilns?

02 February 2016 - 08:52 PM

I have two 11.5 cu ft Skutt 1231's and a little Skutt 1818 I use for glaze testing and short runs. One of my 1231's u have setup with standard elements and use it primarily as our bisque kiln. The other has AMP elements, and it's my glaze kiln.

In Topic: What Happened To The Guy Who Wanted................

02 February 2016 - 08:40 PM

Speaking here as John Baymore... private party... not as formal CAD Moderator........

This issue is why I think forums of all sorts should require REAL NAMES as user names. No "hiding".



Anonymity seems to give some people a license to be rude. That's one of the reasons I use my real name. If I'd be ashamed for someone to know I said it, I won't say it

I could not agree more!

In Topic: What Happened To The Guy Who Wanted................

02 February 2016 - 08:38 PM

Here again, I don't wear my name on my tag, but anyone that checks finds that Pres is short for Preston, or E. Preston Rice, Art teacher retired, potter, artist, kayaker, bowler.

Gee... I though Pres was short for President of Ceramic Arts Daily :-) Now I come to find out you're an average schmoe like the rest of us...