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Professional Courtesy

07 October 2015 - 09:43 AM

This is a topic I want to throw out there for comments and discussion as I've never seen it addressed anywhere.


At this past weekend's conference, most of the presenters had some of their wares for sale.  There were 3 main presenters, 2 of which are wheel thrown artists and very well known in the pottery world.  Their work fetches a good price and as far as I could tell, was not discounted for the conference. Others were there offering various workshops on a particular technique. I couldn't tell if the other folks discounted any, except for one who had fairly low prices.  I asked him about this and he said he was offering his work wholesale to his fellow potters since he didn't have to pay his distributor, gallery fee, whatever.  I told him this was very nice of him, thanked him, and bought a piece.


This got me thinking.  In my other life, I was a professional.  If I went to someone in the same profession, it is pretty much the norm to offer a professional courtesy discount. (Usually about 10%)  I would do the same if someone in my profession came to me for services.  I think it would be great if potters did the same thing.  Maybe not in regular sales, but for something like the conference.


What do you all think?

Repairing Cracks In Primitive Fired Pots

04 October 2015 - 10:38 AM

I just came back from the Mid-Atlantic Clay conference in Front Royal, VA, where it never stopped raining.  I participated in the primitive firing workshop and did some pieces in a barrel fire.  4 pieces with the full range from "Oh wow!" to "meh".  The largest piece got some good colors and marks, however, it is seriously cracked to the point where I have to handle it very carefully.  Some portion of the cracks have widened to a a significant extent so that they are visible from a distance.  


I would like to keep this piece 1.  as a memento of the experience  2.  I like the pot and the marks.   So I am looking for ideas that will  1.  enhance the cracks to make them part of the decoration, and 2.  Stabilize the pot so it doesn't fall apart.


I don't want to do the gold lustre thing...I can't remember what that's called.  But that's kind of the idea.


I would appreciate your collective thoughts.

Potters And Pets

28 September 2015 - 08:38 AM

Pursuant to a side conversation with another forum member, I got to thinking about whether I know any potters who don't love animals in general and their pets in particular, and I can't think of any.  So I decided to do a little informal survey of you good folks.  My working theory is that creative people by their nature, love animals.


OK, so, I'm asking:  Does anyone out there in forum land NOT love animals?


And, then, as an adjunct question:  Have your pets influenced your creativity?

It's A Lot More Than Just The Money.

13 September 2015 - 09:11 AM

I have sold some pottery through a small gallery through the years, but I just finished a 2 day event where I had my own tables. This was a first for me.   I did really great.  But mostly I want to share how truly gratifying it was to interact directly with the people buying my pots.  I watched them fondle, admire, smile.  I talked to them about my pots.  They told me why they liked them...what they were going to use them for, or if they were going to give them to someone.  I told them a bit about the process if they were interested.  What a rush!


That being said...it was a lot of work!  I'll do it again next year...by then I will have forgotten how painful it was to pull this together.  You know, the anxiety, the hurry. etc.  Gosh, I've only got 12 months left.....


Oh, and I was really glad I read everybody's sage advice on this forum.  It really helped, and I think was one of the reasons why I did so well.


Thanks everyone!

Teenager In Adult Beginner Wheel Class.

31 July 2015 - 10:32 AM

The community arts center where I teach has asked whether I would agree to allowing a 13 yo into the class.  I realize that the success of this would be highly dependent on the teenager and I don't know anything about this kid yet.  Just looking for some thoughts, things to consider, previous experiences etc.