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In Topic: What Do You Get Out Of This Forum Interaction?

Today, 07:07 PM

Coming a little late to this topic as I only  just noticed that the pc section is about more than just council business.  About the only thing I don't get out of the forum is ease of searching.  The search function for some reason has never been very helpful to me.


Everyone has pretty much said everything already...so of course I'm going to say more... : -)

COMMUNITY!!!  Non-judgemental.  Supportive.


Every once in a while someone new comes on the forum and asks a really broad, not very well thought out question.  I roll my eyes and think..."Go to the library!"   And then, invariably, within a short period of time, at least a couple of members answer with thoughtful, encouraging posts and I am humbled once again by the generousity of this group of people. 

In Topic: Amoco Celadon Glazes

Today, 06:13 PM

Haven't tried the amaco celedons and probably won't, but I have had excellent results with the coyote celedons.  Their color selection is more limited and they don't have the snazzy mixing options like amaco.  It could be that the coyote celedons are mixable also, I just haven't tried it. Anyway, when I brush on a glaze, I don't even do the direction change like I'm supposed to.  Just apply liberally, work smooth and fast.

In Topic: Humor: The Best Way To Learn!

25 April 2015 - 09:31 PM

I'm in the "It wasn't funny" camp.  But Benzine, your post was funny!

In Topic: Is There Any Way To Give Stoneware White Clay The Look And Feel Of Terracotta?

25 April 2015 - 09:09 PM

Thanks, Curt.  One of the really cool things about the forum is hearing from people all around the world!

In Topic: Is There Any Way To Give Stoneware White Clay The Look And Feel Of Terracotta?

22 April 2015 - 06:56 PM

Curt, your pots with "stuff" added to the clay are really cool.  So you said native materials, which made me wonder where you live, but your profile is pretty blank.  Would you fill us in?