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In Topic: Underglaze Question

Yesterday, 05:08 PM

Bruce, do you apply the soda ash wash to greenware or bisque?

In Topic: Newbie Discouraged But Persistent---Help!

02 August 2015 - 01:46 PM

Good job.  I'm really impressed by your creativity.  You have definately made these pieces your own.  I would have given you an A!


And thanks for following up with us.  I hate it when people engage the forum, then just disappear.

In Topic: Teenager In Adult Beginner Wheel Class.

02 August 2015 - 01:40 PM

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!  I really appreciate it.


This is a small community arts center in the smallest county in VA...there are no traffic lights in the entire county, unless you count the one over a bridge to an island.  So offering a young adult class like Marko suggested isn't an option since we don't have the client base here and can barely fill the adult classes.

But, LeeU, your comments have clinched it for me in that I have realized that the designation of "adult class" is of my own making.  The kids classes are labelled as such, but all other classes are just advertised generically.  The "title" of my class is beginner wheel, not adult beginner wheel.  So I can't very well deny anyone, can I?  In fact, it was very nice of them to ask first.  And won't I be thrilled if I start a young person on the road of a wonderful clay journey that lasts a lifetime.

In Topic: Am I The Only One Who Has Spent Hours Trying To Log/ Sign In?

01 August 2015 - 01:12 PM

On the topic of the forum itself, Clayart has announced the opening of their forum with the bold statement: "this forum will jump us into first place in the world of

clay education and communication."

CAD and the CAD forum have been doing a first rate job at clay education and communication for a long time and I have always especially appreciated the lack of snarky, snide, argumentative, etc. interactions in the forum.  I'm taking a wait and see attitude on Clayart.

In Topic: More New Kiln Advice: Size And Shape

01 August 2015 - 12:40 PM

A thread like this shows up periodically, and usually someone says get the biggest kiln you can afford.  This time folks are saying they like their small kilns and I concur with all the reasons people are giving.  I have another reason to offer.  I went with the L&L 23s and it's been plenty big for me.  In making my decision, I reasoned that although I might wish to on rare occasions make a piece too big to fit, I can always use other firing options, like the nearby community sudios.  That might not be an option for everyone, but something to think about.