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New Work For Wholesale

13 January 2016 - 02:53 PM

I was conflicted as to put this under business and marketing, or making/studio op.  It does pertain to making so here I am.  

I did my first wholesale show last march, and I am gearing up to do my second one this march.  I kept my line very basic last year, because I really wanted to see how it went.  I did great, and my line was well received.  I stamp images onto hand built work.  I have a mug line which is mid range porcelain, and an earthenware line of two small trays, and a 11 inch oval platter and small bowl.  I also have little pendants.  


I am currently in a situation where a few people have suggested that I make a large bowl or platter, or a large vase.. One of the suggesters is the person who curates and puts on the gift show.  She says I have a gap at the high end of my line.  

I have prototyped all three of these, and I just don't feel like they are ready design wise for me to release them wholesale.  At least, I keep making up excuses and reasons why they just don't fit with the rest of the work.  


Reason 1: If I am going to do a large platter, I think it should be stoneware like the mugs.  This platter will not go with the earthenware platters I already have in my wholesale line.   I want it to go with the dinnerware line that I have been designing, but have yet to develop.  I could do a platter and pitcher duo in porcelain, but I see it glazed very different from the mugs.  

Reason 2:  I have a few other small items that I would like to bring out with the work this year.  A cup and a tumbler to go with the mugs.  And a ring dish and medium bowl to go with the earthenware.  

I am running out of time.


Here is my question: Should I bust my butt and bang out the platter(and pitcher) set before I feel like they are really ready. Or stick with just the NEW smaller items and leave a gap in the line at the very top end? I would consider all of the items I currently have in the middle and low price range.  

you can preview my work at http://jessteesdale.com/portfolio/

First Wholesale Show

22 January 2015 - 10:23 PM

I am doing my first wholesale show in mid march.  I have a line of mugs and some tableware.  I create a lot more items than I am putting on my line sheet.  My thought is to only offer my most popular items on the line sheet, and then introduce "new" items in the future.  I will have items on display in my booth that will not be on the line sheet. (I still want people to see what is available)  Do you think that is too confusing for the buyers?  Or, do you think they want to see options?  A friend told me that people will only buy what is on the line sheet.  Do you think that is true?