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Glaze Spray Gun?

05 August 2016 - 12:04 PM

I am wondering if anyone has tried using the paint spray guns from harbor freight that run around $16.99. Or is it a you get what you pay for situation and worth the $50 to buy the PH300 glaze sprayer from the ceramic suppliers?  Do paint sprayers even work for glaze, or will the just get all clogged up?  

I make 1" ceramic pendants and hand brush the fronts and backs.  two coats on the back and three on the top.  I currently have hundreds to do, and I think the time saved by using a spray gun will be the way to go.  


New Work For Wholesale

13 January 2016 - 02:53 PM

I was conflicted as to put this under business and marketing, or making/studio op.  It does pertain to making so here I am.  

I did my first wholesale show last march, and I am gearing up to do my second one this march.  I kept my line very basic last year, because I really wanted to see how it went.  I did great, and my line was well received.  I stamp images onto hand built work.  I have a mug line which is mid range porcelain, and an earthenware line of two small trays, and a 11 inch oval platter and small bowl.  I also have little pendants.  


I am currently in a situation where a few people have suggested that I make a large bowl or platter, or a large vase.. One of the suggesters is the person who curates and puts on the gift show.  She says I have a gap at the high end of my line.  

I have prototyped all three of these, and I just don't feel like they are ready design wise for me to release them wholesale.  At least, I keep making up excuses and reasons why they just don't fit with the rest of the work.  


Reason 1: If I am going to do a large platter, I think it should be stoneware like the mugs.  This platter will not go with the earthenware platters I already have in my wholesale line.   I want it to go with the dinnerware line that I have been designing, but have yet to develop.  I could do a platter and pitcher duo in porcelain, but I see it glazed very different from the mugs.  

Reason 2:  I have a few other small items that I would like to bring out with the work this year.  A cup and a tumbler to go with the mugs.  And a ring dish and medium bowl to go with the earthenware.  

I am running out of time.


Here is my question: Should I bust my butt and bang out the platter(and pitcher) set before I feel like they are really ready. Or stick with just the NEW smaller items and leave a gap in the line at the very top end? I would consider all of the items I currently have in the middle and low price range.  

you can preview my work at http://jessteesdale.com/portfolio/