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Green Dug Clay - What's It All About?

10 November 2013 - 04:45 AM

Hi Guys, :)
while digging some clay (of the usually brown type) I unearthed a small deposit of grey clay.  Within the grey clay there was very small amount of distinctively green/grey clay with a green/grey stone in it.  Any folk got a clue or two to why this 'clay' was different?

I've kept separate from the other clay I dug that day and did the usual drying out and slaking down with this curious stuff.  It slaked down with no fuss, but once I'd blitzed it with hand-held food processor and screened the 'gritty bits', it 'almost' refused to settle out.  What settling there was was minimal and very slow to show.    Eventually I poured it onto a plaster bat and got a ball of clay (yay!). 

No idea if it's 'good to go' (I'm a nube when it come to dug clay) and there isn't enough to 'test' shrinkage etc; so has anyone got any ideas to what I got 'balled up?'.  I could mix it with some 'other' clay, but at the moment, I'm curious to this green/clay's make up and qualities.  Any best guesses welcome!
Ta mutchly,


Why Earthenware?

20 August 2013 - 02:46 AM

Hi folks,

Stoneware: it's stronger, less porous and far more commonly referenced as a potting material than earthenware - so why would i want to use an earthenware clay body?

V :)
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They Do It Different In The East!

15 August 2013 - 12:31 PM

Hi Folks,

been watching with much interest some eastern YouTube folk throwing and I'm fascinated by difference in techniques in getting that blob of clay into shape.

I'm sure everyone is acquainted with the western moves that follow (approximately) as, 'opening up and then pull/coning to make a cylinder, then shaping as required'.  But in the east...............!, these folk often, after 'opening up',  pull outward as if making a bowl, then compress and 'shape up' into a cylinder (then shape into a bottle/vase shape if required). Often this is done when throwing 'off the hump'.


What the difference?  Obviously both work, but is there any advantage / disadvantages in either technique that is worth knowing?




Iron Oxide(S) And Rust Formula

13 July 2013 - 08:18 AM


 Hi folks,

I am a newbie to this forum  and a resonably new to ceramics.  Can someone tell me the practical differences between 'rust' and the 'iron oxide'  that is mixed up in the evening school classes I attend?  I've sussed that rust have extra OH and H2O groups, so why can't I find any topics that say "I collect local rust" and add it to my..........(pots/glaze recipes/etc etc...).  'If I don't have to pay for it, I'm interested!'  V   :) Attached File  B&W Gulls.jpg   34.45KB   3 downloads