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In Topic: Copper Phthalocyanine In Glaze

02 December 2013 - 07:35 AM

Thanks for all the advice. Have given up on the phthalocyanine, but recently did a pit firing using copper sulphate (dissolved in pool acid!) and got some interesting results. So I will keep experimenting.

In Topic: Copper Phthalocyanine In Glaze

07 November 2013 - 03:34 PM

Thanks Peter for your response. I did a test firing today and guess what- it burnt off as you said- completely bleached result.Oh well, I tried. I suspect this is the stuff they use in washing powder called "blue" or something like that- makes your whites whiter. Anyway I am still curious as to see what it does if I combine it with other oxides- grind it with say, iron oxide. It must be very volatile and if I could find a way of removing the water from the molecule other than using heat?? any chemists out there who can advise? Or just stick with good old cobalt!

In Topic: Aubergine Glaze Recipe

21 August 2013 - 09:55 AM


thanks for replying. can you get a purple from mixing cobalt oxide and Manganese dioxide?

In Topic: clear glaze recipe using potash feldspar

27 June 2013 - 05:56 AM

Thanks so much- china clay is available here too, so I will give it a try. :)src="http://ceramicartsda...ult/smile.gif">

In Topic: clear glaze recipe using potash feldspar

25 June 2013 - 01:54 PM

This is a nice clear glaze reworked by Ron Roy for Susan Hintz

Hintz Clear ^6 good w/stains
Cornwall 33.5
G 200 22
Whiting 18
Ger. Borate 10
EPK 5.5
Silica 11
Bent. 2

Hi Marcia
Many thanks for your suggestion- however I live in South Africa, so I use locally available clays. I am afraid I don't know what "Cornwall" is. I presume it is a local clay found in Cornwall? Also could you tell me what EPK is?