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Painting and decorating non-fired ceramics

21 June 2013 - 10:30 PM

Hi all. I'm fairly new to ceramics but have fell in love with it quickly. I found a place in the neighborhood where I can paint ceramics and then they take care of the firing. Recently my husband bought me acrylic paint so I can paint at home. So now my questions are:
1) I do not need to fire the piece when using acrylic paint right?
2) but then its also only ok for decorative pieces and is not food safe right?
3) do I need to do anything to the piece after painting then? I have been reading about brush on sealers and spray sealers but do not know if I need to do that or which is better.
4) if I want to write on the piece that is not being fired what is the best tool to use? A certain paint pen that is good for non- fired pieces? Or just like a squeeze bottle filled with the acrylic paint?
Any suggestions are extremely appreciated!