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More Clay, Wood And Metal Sculptures

06 April 2014 - 03:19 PM

Fired up the old forge and beat and hammered some bar stock into a curve. Attached it so it floats in front of a faux pit fired  micacious clay and wood.



Glaze Test Ga28-A Green Breaking Blue

07 March 2014 - 12:13 PM

This glaze was taken from Glazes Cone 6 by M Bailey and modified. It breaks blue where thick on clays containing iron. Really pretty on Laguna speckled buff.

Glaze test on Laguna clay bodies. Fired up to cone 5 with kiln setter shut off. 125 F/hr from 1700F to shutoff.

Comp              %

Neph Sy            68
G.Borate           08
Ball Clay           08
Whiting             05
Silica                04
Rutile               02
Titanium           02
Cobalt Carb      01

Test Of Turquoise Matte Glaze

18 February 2014 - 12:35 PM

Here are some photos of test tiles I made using a recipe taken from the October issue of Ceramics monthly. It makes a pretty nice waxy magnesium matte. It is stable between cone 5 and cone 6 and holds well without sagging with good leveling on the pot. This is important to me because I brush on all my glazes.


This was a straight up run with a shutoff at cone 5 with a kiln setter. the last part of the ramp up to shutoff was 125 F/hr from about 1700F.


The glaze was used on the tree pot which is speckled buff.


Glaze Composition
Ingredient Parts
Frit 3134                       23.40
Flint                              19.80
EPK                             19.10
Custer feldspar (K2O)   14.90
Talc                              11.70
Whiting                         11.10


Cobalt carbonate            0.50
Chrome oxide                0.50
Taken from CM Oct 2000

Glaze Sinks In To Clay Body

28 December 2013 - 12:59 PM

Here is my sad story....


I teach a ceramics class at the local senior center here. I went to our only ceramic supplier to buy clay for the class but they were almost out of everything in the cone 05 range and would remain so till after the first of the year, so I bought some em-215 terra cotta. I have a whole lot of glazes I made up for the last classes and I did test tiles to see how they looked on the new clay... YIKES! they sunk in so badly that there was hardly anything left on the surface.


So what could I add to these glaze mixes that might keep it from sinking in so badly. Since this is a class for beginners we brush it on and fire it once. Brushing it on twice will not work . I always do a second coat on half my test tile, and it still sunk in. The class is coming up in January And I don't have time to do a lot of testing of a new glaze.


The basic recipe for glaze called “Jacky” is below.  I think came out of an old C.M.. It worked fine at cone 05 on two other clay bodies so I was not expecting the problem.


Jacky cone 05 glaze


Component           % Amt

Flint                         44.2

Gerstley borate        29.2

Nepheline syenite    11.5

Lithium carbonate   10.1

EPK                          05.0


plus 3% CuCo3 or 1% CoCo3 or 3% CrO or 3% RIO

Can You Sell Both Apples And Oranges In The Same Show?

18 November 2013 - 07:54 PM

I asked this question in some other posts, but it kind of got stepped over. I would like some feedback from some of you "vets" of many years of selling ceramics.


Given: two (or more) very different types of ceramic pieces in one show


Given:  one type of piece is a lot easier to make and seems to have about the same visual impact on unsophisticated buyers. Also it is 1/3 cheaper ( maybe $30 verses $80) . In this case multi step, incised, and electrofromed pots verses bisqued fake pit fired pots.


Question: Do you think most of the customers would buy the cheaper pots instead of the much more labor intensive pots. Should I even put them out in the same show?