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A Couple Of Cone 05 Glaze Tests

02 July 2014 - 05:51 PM

here are  a couple of glaze tests I ran the other day fired to cone 05 on a stoneware body.

the ramp held at 1150F for 30 min then to 1700F at 500/hr then to shutoff at 125/hr to cone 05 with a kiln sitter.


Sample tiles have a black line drawn on the bisque ware and on top of the glaze to show slump and transparency. Glaze is brushed on with a second coat on the left side.  I added talc to the standard "Jacky" glaze formula to get a little more hide and matte. The G20805 is not modified.


Flecks in the glaze are unmixed pigments, since I just mixed them into the base mix  and did not attempt to completely blend

Jacky Mod 4

Flint                      41.65
Gerstley borate      27.58
Nepheline syenite  10.84
Lithium carbonate   9.51
Talc                       5.66
EPK                      4.76


G2805 Cone 04-06 Matte

Frit 3134             44
Dolomite              8
Kaolin                12
Whiting                8
Silica                  28

Does Any One Else Miss This Nutcase?

11 May 2014 - 11:42 AM

Found these old Soldner adds.... Sexist, politically incorrect,goofy, and (to me) funny as hell.