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In Topic: I make that same product and your product needs to be......

14 July 2013 - 02:53 PM

We are artists and each of us produce something at least a little different from each other with our own personal flair and energy given to our work. Each type of piece appeals to a different kind of person. There is a huge diversity of taste in style. We are not competitors. We are fellow travelers, students and teachers. Being offended and annoyed by critique, unrequested or otherwise, is a waste of your mental space and emotional time. Take it. Learn from it. Perhaps all you will learn is that your work isn't appealing to the sort of person that made that comment. You can use that info to better identify  and target YOUR market. 


I don't envy other potters. I admire. I am in awe. I hope to reach their level some day. That does not mean that my work will look anything like their's though or that we would be competing for sales from the same types of customers. 

In Topic: Glazing over clear?

04 June 2013 - 03:27 PM

Well, you were all correct. Trying to "fix" pieces is a big waste of time and sets one up for multiple disappointments. Trash. Must remember, for now especially, its all about the process, and learning. Let go and move on. Ceramics is great zen training.

In Topic: Glazing over clear?

01 June 2013 - 11:25 AM

I dont understand some parts ... please clarify if you like.

I did some sgraffito and underglaze decoration covered in clear glaze on some pots with nice form.
I don't like the decoration though ...
You dont like the sgraffito or you dont like the clear glaze?

and some of my pots tipped over in the kiln and stuck together marring the glaze.
Did it rip the glaze off some and leave sharp pointed messes on others?

Can I reglaze over clear glaze?
Yes, but you would have to grind down any rough areas and it will not really hide the bare spots.

Also, can I put an earthenware glaze over a fully fired stoneware piece with a clear glaze and refire at the lower temperature with a decent possibility of success?
What do you mean by "an earthenware glaze"? No glazes I know of are limited to certain clay types. They go more by temperature range.

Or is this futile?
Probably. Odds are very high that you will dislike the results even more and will have spent a ton of time getting unhappy.

We all spend time chasing cracks, flaws and such ... that time is mostly always wasted.
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p.s. as regards to the Randy Au reference ...
there is a HUGE difference between multiple glazing and firings that are done on purpose and those that are done to try to fix or hide stuff.

So, some of the underglaze and sgraffito decoration is just right. Some have colors that annoy me. I didn't mix the clear glaze properly - it was my first time. It was Laguna cone 5 transparent with no directions. I read that clear glazes should be thin like skim milk so that's what I did and I didn't put it through a sieve. Also, I didn't realize that the Laguna dry glazes need more additives to stay suspended. Anyway, it left my speckled buff clay mugs feeling sandy and therefore not functional? And yes, when they tipped it pulled a small piece off one and stuck it on the other.

I can't get more clear to stick to them. Tried heating them and hairspray (read in a blog). Some 05 glaze I have sticks though :)

In Topic: Will this work?

29 May 2013 - 11:47 AM

Thanks - I washed it off. I might experiment with this later with some protective measures taken. One would think that because the low fire clay melts at higher temps it might become glaze like... . .