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#34866 Prices and Expectations

Posted by Brittany on 14 May 2013 - 04:02 PM

[quote name='Stephen' date='14 May 2013 - 10:18 AM' timestamp='1368544698' post='34828']
[quote name='Brittany' date='13 May 2013 - 01:55 PM' timestamp='1368482102' post='34757']
What? I know that it's not that great,but someone wants to buy it.

Well that was an unfortunate post and I hope you didn't pay attention to it. Some folks get a rise out of picking on people online or have the audacity to think that only what they like is worthwhile which is not true of course. My 2 cents, I would never utter those words though. It is your work and some people will like it, some people will love it and some will simply not care for it and I wouldn't defend my work to someone so obviously out of line.

Like Gypsy I like the work. Hand building is something I admire and would like to spend some time experimenting with. How are you planning on glazing the set? Are you concentrating on tea sets? You know on pricing, if this is a friend you might just ask them what they had in mind and bargain from there. Hand built work generally cost more because it is often more involved but of course value and the time it takes to produce has a very loose connection in pottery.

You did say a mouthful though when you pointed out you have a buyer, nice quip :-)

Good luck and let us know what you ended up charging. Also be sure and post the finished glazed pieces, would love to see them.
I'm thinking of some bright colors that are almost like the velvet glazes ( am I saying that right?) That Amaco sells. First I just have to take the time out of my day to go get them, considering that I just have the basic glazes for beginners. And I do wish people would keep those sorts of opinions to themselves, especially since I'm new to this.
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