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In Topic: Aus potter in USA for workshop

21 June 2013 - 04:49 PM

Thanks to all who replied to my request and made suggestions. I now have a few pottery studio visits lined up across the US.
Happy potting. Cheers Nicci

Australian potter in USA

In Topic: Aus potter in USA for workshop

15 June 2013 - 01:01 AM

Hi Nicci,

I live just across the bay from San Francisco in Oakland. There is a group on facebook called Bay Area Ceramics Bulletin Board. You should try posting something on there. If you can't I can for you. Just let me know.

Good Luck,

Thank you Spring,
That would be great, thanks. Feel a little pushy just joining the group without being invited. While I was looking it up I found the Berkeley Pottery Studio and have written this email to them, feel free to re-post:

Hi there,

I am going to be visiting SanFrancisco next month (21-25 July) and wouldlove to visit your pottery studio.

I am an Australian potter of 18years, teacher for 5 of those. Alwayscurious to hear about other potters’ journeys and wonderedhow easy it will be for me to visit the studio by public transport

from San Francisco. Would really appreciate your advice and inreturn, I’m happy to give a throwing workshop if that is somethingyour pottery studio would be interested in.

This is my website and some otherreferences so you get an idea of my work. If it’s all too much work, I’ll just come say hi and havea chat.

Thanks for your time, cheers Nicci

www.niccijones.com | www.artsnw.com.au | [email protected]

In Topic: Aus potter in USA for workshop

15 June 2013 - 12:05 AM

could Studio Potters, USA yield better results? i didn't realize there was a heading for potters with websites. isn't that what you would get?

try looking at the members here, maybe something will come of it??

try pottery guilds and studio tours in each state. they are certainly not complete but you might find something in the right areas. if you are going to ny state, ask bailey pottery supply to put an ad on a bulletin board in their retail store in kingston, ny. lots of great potters in the area. look up the Survings and Ayumie Horie, and see if their is a studio tour listed. that will give you names. look up wood fired pottery if it is an interest of yours.

Thanks for that, Nicci

In Topic: Aus potter in USA for workshop

15 June 2013 - 12:02 AM


I thought that there were replies to this posting. Maybe I am remembering replies to a similar one though. I think you put multiple postings up on the Forums... and that is a problem because it can get confusing. It is possible that ione of the Mods deleted one of the postings because it was a "multiple".....and maybe that one was the one with a couple of replies. Not sure.

One issue with getting this kind of thing set up is that most US schools are on summer vacation at the moment. So the regular student body is well into whatever their summer activities are and are not able to be assembled on campus until the fall. Communication with them is difficult. And many of the faculty are breathing a sigh of relief and making work in their own studios or doing residencies or workshops themselves.....so they don't want to take on another school-related task at this point (for example I am about to leave to work in Japan for the rest of the summer).

Another potential issue is that most schools plan out their workshop scheduling as much as a year in advance. I know that WE do. So "short notice" events are hard to set up. And often..... there are already things scheduled in the spaces.

More commercial venues (community craft centers and rental studio type places) might be a better bet for you.... but I am guessing that they too have stuff set up well in advance.

So the lack of replies here does not surprise me.



Thanks for all of that information, yes I realise it's all too short now.....it wasn't when i first asked though! Oh well, there have now been a few offers which I'll follow up on, something informal suits me just fine anyway.

Cheers, Nicci

In Topic: Aus potter in USA for workshop

12 June 2013 - 02:51 AM

sorry the post you have in another section came out badly but i hope you have read all the answers other people involved in education offered.

you might just try to visit a private studio or so during your visit. i had a potter from melbourne stay here for a month in 2009. very educational in many ways. i am sure someone would put you up for a time in exchange for some labor. check out some of the potters here for their locations and contact them individually. it might work.

by the way, are you male or female, your name is unusual to an old person like me.

Hi there oldlady!!

I have only just realised the replies don't come through to my email address! So apologies for not responding earlier.
I will have a look at other replies now and yes, I'm an old lady too (50!)
Thanks for your advice, the problem is if you do a Google search they don't necessarily come up. I am more than happy to work in exchange for a room.

Cheers Nicci

being VERY old, 72, (but i am really only 11) i cannot use this computer worth beans so i do not understand at all what your last sentences mean..what is a google search in this regard?
are you google searching people, places, replies? i would be happy to have you visit here, i am in harpers ferry wv, 60 miles west of washington DC., 250 miles or so from new york city.

Sorry, if you do an online search for "American Pottery Studios" you don't always find people with their own independent studios, you'll find the big factories. If you don't know the names of the locals you can't search for them. And thanks for your offer! Will plot my map and my itinerary when I have a little more time and we can discuss in more detail with dates, possible workshops or demonstrations. Do you have a pottery studio etc?