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In Topic: Rehydrating Old Glazes

Yesterday, 05:32 PM

Just to reference John Britt's comments on crystals developing in glaze buckets,

presumably on cooling. http://www.ceramicst...lambe_magic.htm

In Topic: Anyone Familiar With Bob Shay's Glaze Recipes?

Yesterday, 05:27 PM


... gives a similar recipe for a Raku glaze (I haven't re-expressed as % to check)

Flame Drops:


very cool, will flash reds and oranges

Magnesium Carb 30.8
Lithium Carb 15.4
Gerstley Borate 53.8
Copper Carb 4.6
Chrome Ox 0.3

... presumably raku with post-fire reduction to get the flashing.


PS The high levels of lithium & GB in Earthmother & Superstition, coupled with the possibility of raku brings

Rick’s Turquoise to mind (don't know if this is just a flight of fancy). I presume that they must be turquoise in

oxidation. Reputedly Rick's Turquoise gives all sorts of nice colours in post-fire reduction, but not so far for me.


https://www.google.c...ick’s Turquoise



In Topic: Crumb Management

25 February 2015 - 10:44 PM

I work at a desk and try to keep them on the desk top


Would a potting tray on the desk help, perhaps with a terrycloth towel inside?



In Topic: Standard Ceramic Glaze Issue

24 February 2015 - 12:59 PM

Somewhere, some time back, someone posted a link that explained what happens drop by drop when you add sodium silicate.


You might mean this one from: http://community.cer...63301&hl=peterh

FYI I pass on an Alfred guide on making casting slip in case it is of any help to you in
judging the amount of deflocculant to use. You will have to judge its utility yourself, I
certainly haven't tried it. [Now I just tweak a UK porcelain casting slip pre-mix.]

http://claystore.alf... Procedures.pdf
... which seems to be an extract from a much larger document
http://www.claystore...ip casting).pdf



Also FIGURE 7.1.1-C part way down http://www.fastonlin...E/EN/B398_9.HTM

shows the viscosity sharply increasing on the addition of too much deflocculant (casting slip example again).


Regards, Peter


In Topic: Potash And Soda Feldspars - Are They Interchangable?

12 February 2015 - 12:33 PM

Marcia: Pot ash and soda ash can affect the glaze colorants differently  as well.

TJR: Can you give an example-say, with cobalt carb, or copper carb?

From: http://digitalfire.c...dspar_1264.html

Also, slightly different color responses will be encountered (i.e. cobalt tends toward purple copper toward blue with soda spar).