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Making molds for porcelain sculpture

15 May 2013 - 08:55 PM

I started doing porcelain dog art about 4 months ago and since then have sold quite a bit of my work and bought a Skutt 818 kiln. I'm very happy about my new creative process and have lots of ideas. I have a mold maker who started out charging me decent prices for my first couple of molds and is now upping the price twice as much of what I was paying him. I would like to learn to make molds myself and am wondering if this is a nightmare waiting to happen. I have seen plenty of full figure porcelain art so I know it can be done. Can anyone possibly enlighten me on some YouTube videos that I might look at? You can see some of my art on my website at www.winddancingart.com under "Shop". Thanks in advance! Diana