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Lettering on already fired pot

11 May 2013 - 07:36 PM

I am a total beginner. I just had a pot fired with cobalt glaze - left the inside unglazed. The guy that helped me with this was in a great hurry to get it done and I didn't get a chance to write/paint, etch, stamp (?) a few words of text on it. Just wondered if there was any way I could paint, write or even some way of doing a 3D addition (with some material or other + crazy glue...?) It is for decorative use only. Sounds pretty crazy, I know. Any thoughts? -Thanks!

Make crack in vase

21 April 2013 - 12:25 AM

Hi - I am making my first coil pot - a bowl or maybe a vase - (I am new to this) and wanted to put a decorative crack penetrating the entire thickness (preferably just one if that is possible).
I saw a youtube video of someone using a small hammer after it had been fired(?). The sides looked thin (maybe done on a wheel?) and she made a bigger crack than I would want to do. Should I think of switching to slab to control thickness? Would it be possible to cut the vase in 2 pieces and either intentionally put them back together unevenly before firing, or firing the 2 pieces and then gluing them back together unevenly?
It would be a decorative piece and doesn't need to hold water. As you can see I know nothing about this so any info would be helpful! Thanks-

PS- Here is a pic of the feeling I want for the pot, but maybe just one crack going up the bowl or vase.