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help pls: how to void clay figure before firing?

18 April 2013 - 03:00 PM

hello hippies,
Im a painter but recently (1 month ago) I took to clay modeling and love it! Im a figurative artists so my small statues were heads or whole body subjects. Till now I used self drying clay (Das and Darwi, that's what I found here in Holland).
I bought M Farraut's video and understand how to void a head. All my full body statues were built on an armature. Long story short...
How does one make a clay statue (20 inches max) which will be fired? I cant see how to extract the armature and was thinking to mold the clay around a wax " armature", that would eventually melt. Im sure there are other methods and I hope anyone here will take the time to send me a link to the answer or describe in a few words.
Sincere thanks!