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Looking For 3D Scanner And 3D Printer Possibility

20 February 2016 - 09:23 AM


I make small-medium size clay and wax statues. Im living in the Netherlands, could not find a 3d scanner shop who could scan my statues. 3d printers is a bit easier. 

I intend of making small versions of some of my statues, printed in plastic. Any tip for an address in Holland or close countries, much appreciated!



Please Help With Glazing For A Newbie

17 February 2016 - 07:19 AM


Im a painter with a love for ceramic (and porcelain).

I made several medium (20-40 cm tall) statues in clay (heads or human body)

I fired them at a shop here in the Hague, Netherlands, where I live.


There's something I just dont get (from books or videos I watched), regarding the glazing phase.

Here's what Id like to know from someone who actually did this:

1) I can glaze the fired statue with a brush dipped in a glaze sollution, right? (Ive only seen videos of people diving the pottery in a glaze bath.)

2) once that glaze layer is dry, can I wrap the statue in paper/etc to transport it to the kiln? This kils is some 4 km away from where I live and I can only go there by bike...

3) I saw several videos or read some books that mention different temperatures of firing the glazed terracotta. Im not sure this shop will do different temps for me. They're a general art supply shop (for sculptors) which also have a kiln.


Any advice is greatly appreciated.(please keep it simple, Im not an expert) 

I am still in the phase where I struggle with armatures for my statues, discovering which size is appropriate for what kind of detail. I have Phillipe Faraut books and 2 dvds but couldnt find this info there.

Thanks a lot!