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09 April 2013 - 02:56 PM

I was having an argument with a friend. They think I should buy a pugmill for recycling clay.
A little research revealed that, with my needs, and the space available, I could get one of those little Peter Pugger mills, for, let's say, $3,500.
Now with clay cost at around $0.35/lb. I could buy 10,000 lbs. of clay. I live eight miles from my supplier, so I don't pay for shipping.
That five tons of clay would last me at least ten years.
If I buy a mill, I will have to :
1. find a place for it.
2. Pay for the electricity it uses.
3. Maintain it
Or, I can use that money to buy clay and make pots instead of reclaiming clay.
Why do I ( or any small volume potter ) "need a pugmill"?