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Rice Ash In 5 Gal Pails

03 May 2015 - 01:09 PM

Just got this link from John Britt about rice ash available in 5 gal pails.

Check it out





edit here's the home url


Burner Placement In Kiln Design

24 April 2015 - 07:22 PM

I think I have come up with a small(8-10 cu ft) flat top down draft  gas kiln design but need help with burner placement.

I will use  2 venturi burners(hi pressure regulated) coming in from the back each left & right beside the exit flue.

Between the interior wall and the ware shelves, how much space should I allow. The shelf layout will be either 4 14x14 shelves with 4 inches between the interior wall and the side edge of the shelves on both sides or using 13x13 shelves this will allow 5 inch flame channel on each side with something of a half brick about 2/3rds down the channel to lift the flame.(no bag wall)

The bottom shelves will have either a series of 2.5 in bricks under the flame side of the shelves to keep the flame from being sucked out the exit flue until comes down in the front face of the shelves. there is also a 2 in spacing between the back set and the front set and 2 in between the front set and the front wall.

This is going to be a top loader with a hinged 3 in fiber top firing to cone 6 and maybe cone 10 reduction

I'm wondering if I have missed that something someone here might see.

Thanks Wyndham

Need Help With A Brent C Pedal Switch

07 April 2015 - 05:02 PM

I've replaced the switches on my brent C wheels before and adjusted the Hi/Low pot setting with no trouble but this switch is giving me grief. The pedal won't start the wheel at the low pot setting no matter how adjust it. The hi pot kicks in as it should but no transition from slow to hi.

Hope someone might have a thought. I've got an email into tech support but it's after hrs  now, just frustrated.Thanks Wyndham

Gas Burner Question

06 March 2015 - 01:45 PM

The gas kiln I have now is homemade down draft with 6 raku style burners, 3 on a side of a kiln that is about 45 cu ft stacking area. This works fine but I'm looking at making a smaller size kiln that is similar in design as a Geil, where the burners come in from the floor and has no bag wall.

I have looked at a burner from from summit kiln conversions that has 4 pipe style burners(50k btu/burner) that attach to a manifold but do not have primary air ports(PAPS) or butterfly air intake adjustments. This system relies on the damper to create a reduction atmosphere. I believe the gas orifice is drilled into the manifold and the primary air  is drawn in around the manifold into the pipe burner.

Since I have  used a different system with PAPS and damper, I'm wondering how responsive this type of burner is in giving overall reduction.

Most folks that have this system have converted an electric to gas but I was thinking of building a small downdraft with this burner setup. My main concern is controlling reduction as I start at about 1550 and adjust on the way up to cone 10.

Hope to hear from some folks that have used this type of burner setup.

Thanks Wyndham