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Found A New Tool

Yesterday, 07:41 PM

Well at least for me. I have always had problems glazing berry bowls(colanders). This version of my berry bowl has no foot to hold on to while glazing. If I hold the bowl with 2 fingers on the rim and thumbs on the bottom, finger marks on the glaze is annoying.

Several days ago I found a spatula in the kitchen was coming apart so I took the handle to the studio thinking to make a trimming tool.

What I did was to grind the bent end enough to fit into the center hole of the berry bowl. The bent end(about 45 deg) created a hook that held the bowl and balanced with my other hand made the best tool yet(for me) to glaze the difficult form.

Hope the attached photo shows this well enough to possibly help others.



Opulence Matt Base Question

11 July 2014 - 02:51 AM

I have been gifted 25 lb's(dry) of Opulence matt base(cone 6). and am wondering what are some of the amts of coloring oxides/carbonates and opacifiers will look good with this base.


If anyone has any experience with this base on texture or coloring, please give me a heads up on what might or might not work well.

My cone 6 clay body is  Miller 55, a white firing body.

Thanks Wyndham

Ceramics Art Daily Html Page Issue

07 July 2014 - 10:40 AM

Normally when I go to home CAD page I get a full page layout but for the last 2 days I get a list index page with links.

I'm using win xp but other sites, even the forum comes up as it should.

Am I the only one?


This Is What Clay Looks Like From The Pug

29 May 2014 - 09:41 AM

I was out getting some old bagged clay ready for remixing and thought about the questions on"S" cracks, how to or not use pugged clay from the pugger, etc, when I came upon this bag of clay.

I think it shows how clay laminates,evem moist and throwable from a bagged, pugged source.

Clay seems to love to separate into layers. I'm sure the torch of the pugger screw  also puts the clay in this state as well.

Just thought some of you here might find this interesting

Kiln Electric To Gas

21 May 2014 - 02:04 PM

I've got an old olympic 16 cu ft oval that I'd like tp convert to gas. Thought I'd throw out an idea for discussion.

Coming in from one end with 2 burners onto a bagwall about 6 to 8 in in and an exit flue on the other end.

Here's the area I'd like some thoughts on. I could put the exit flue at the far side with the first shelf about 6 in off the floor  or....

I could make a floor that has a channel  recessed from the middle running to the exit flue and the shelf 6 in above the floor or...

Have the channel as above but cover it over except for a exit point in the middle of the floor about the same sq in as the exit flue.

I'm trying to figure out which way gives me the best even heat distribution back to front and top down.

The channel would be hard brick and if I covered the channel, I'd use old kiln shelves cut to size.

The burners word be raku burners mr705? and the regulator is max 15ld high pressure but most likely only use about 3/4 lb per lb at max.

Hope I haven't left anything out

Thanks for any brainstorming