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Slipping and Scoring

26 June 2013 - 08:10 AM

While at a workshop a few weeks ago, the subject of slipping and scoring came up. Apparently there is a whole school of thought that says this is an unnecessary waste of time. This was complete news to me. I just tested some mugs this week that I did not slip and score. I was able to pull the handles from the pot and they did seem to have a nice bond. I haven't fired the pieces yet because they are still drying. So far, all looks good. I am still a bit skeptical but very hopeful at the same time.

Love to hear your thoughts on this.

Preventing Pattern Cracking

25 June 2013 - 11:01 AM

I just made a bunch juicers and I am trying to figure out why they all got pattern cracking on them. It is like a multiple s shape at the cone of the form. I did dry them in the sun (which I have only recently begun doing with some things). Not sure if that is the culprit. I am wondering if this is an issue with how I am making the form. Any ideas?

Firing a Piece too large for an kiln

22 April 2013 - 08:16 AM

Last year I made a large piece that I miscalculated the shrink rate on and now it doesn't fit in the kiln easily. That is part of the reason that it has been sitting around for year in my studio. I bisque fired it on a slant (it is supposed to lay flat like a platter) with no issues, and now I am not sure what to do for the glaze. I think I can slant it nicely for a glaze firing but I am afraid to try it. I am concerned that it can be too close or touch some of the kiln elements as it shrinks in the glaze firing. I also didn't want to use posts to prop it up because I thought they might shift as it fires. Do I have a large bisque fired piece of junk? Any ideas are welcome.