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#122288 Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

Posted by Frankiegirl on 14 February 2017 - 12:39 PM

Just checking, and this may seem a dumb question but, there is supposed to be a small gap between the outside of the kiln and where the vent hose begins. Correct? I assumed it was for additional air intake but maybe I have this wrong?

Kilns both pass match test. I used a lighter and flame is pulled inward.

#71822 Production Potter Productivity

Posted by Frankiegirl on 13 December 2014 - 08:24 PM

Ok, so you pinpointed your money drain - finishing and handles. Where can you save time (and therefore money) here?

Would extruded handles to save time? Would it help to have an apprentice on hand to set up handles to be pulled? Would it help to have an apprentice to move ware boards or prepare stations?


I realize that I answered your query with questions, but you know your process best. My questions are designed to (hopefully) get you thinking about solutions.