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In Topic: Check Your Tools

03 April 2014 - 09:52 AM

Sorry your clay got contaminated Chantay


Metal in recycled clay is a problem. My sad story is that I do metalworking in the same studio as where I throw clay. I was noticing ugly dark spots in some of my finished pieces and they turned out to be metal particles that were thrown out when I was cleaning up welds with a grinder. You would be surprised how far the grinder shaving fly... some right into my slop bucket!


I am more careful now and never aim the grinder anywhere near where the clay is being worked. I also have a fine mesh screen over the slop bucket. It slows down drying time but Keeps, at least the big chunks out. I also put a garbage bag over my wheel to keep stuff from getting into the wast tray.

Same thing for me that has had me spreading the two aspects of my studio to the far ends. Clay is on the far left, glass/wood in the middle, and metal on the far right. My angle grinder is my best friend on most days and I find that the dust can go the distance. Not to mention the wire brush pieces that fly off during use. I find them in my laundry. Ill be at work and wonder what is poking me on my shoulder...yep metal wire.


Chantay just use it as a test clay like the others have mentioned. Even for test glaze tiles, considering if there is a leeching of the metal after firing youll know it wasnt in the glaze. I have some old terra cotta that got plaster flakes in it that I use from time to time as throw away pieces. You could even use it to make supports for clay pieces during firing.

In Topic: What Has Been Your Worst Re Encounter Of A Piece Of Your Pottery?

22 March 2014 - 11:01 PM

This is a funny thread. Personally I think theres nothing wrong with having old work laying around. My parents still use a lot of my stuff from college, sure its not perfect, but they still cherish it. We are our worst critics as artists so even in our best work we will see failure. I keep most things that I find of "use" but the things that were tests and really serve no purpose go to the Graveyard. Its a pile that sits in the far back right corner of my families property. I usually dont take my truck when bringing things. I make it a point to take the long walk while holding such items before the final throw.

In Topic: Raw Materials Start Up

17 March 2014 - 11:33 PM

Well Ive been hunting and searching. Redart gets pretty dark by Cone 4 even if it has some additives. As much as so many hate the idea of a two ingredient clay I will test out the 1/2 redart 1/2 xx saggar. I also like the OM4 can have a tan color to it at higher temps especially with the addition of barium carb. Which I know is toxic but no where near the maganese level. As for the mess...trust me lou I grew up on the white sandy beaches of clearwater fl and have been dealing with the red clay of georgia for 3 or so years. I messed with local clay and had red hands for days. As for the shipping....here were the totals...first is standard, last is over night.




HAHAHA the price was so high I laughed hysterically, I mean why even show those calculations? I had been having issues with Atlanta Clay not being able to get an inventory restock. I turned to Axner and gave them a call. I mentioned shipping as an issue because of my situation, but to my surprise they have a 60 dollar pallet charge from FL to GA. Ended up not being exactly 60 but 10 for the pallet and 83 of the gas/delivery. Not bad for 610 pounds, plus i was told the pallet could have up to 1800 pounds on it. to me that was a deal....i dunno if theres better. ordered on a thursday and delivered on a tuesday. Ill take it. I just ordered two small parts from UT and paid 13 bucks for three day and for some reason its take a week and a day to get here....I will definitely make a call to them for that..

In Topic: Raw Materials Start Up

17 March 2014 - 02:34 PM

I actually picked up a 50 pound bag a month ago out of Atlanta for some molds to make glass. So yes I already have silica at my disposal. I do have some copper carb from the past when I did a lot more pit firings. Yeah Im still iffy when it comes to the mag diox. Its given me a head ache from the back and forth of my decision. Either way I have a bunch of it. I was looking at another recipe from the same list I got the darker body from.


Red clay 38

EPK        24

Cornwall  10

Silica       12.5

Feldspar  13.5

Bentonite   2


Although I didnt buy cornwall. Could I just sub by balancing out the feldspar and silica? And still add RIO.

In Topic: Raw Materials Start Up

17 March 2014 - 01:49 PM

Well from a lot that Ive read on it is that it cannot be absorbed through the skin so there is no danger when handling the body, well obviously I cant say no danger. The danger is of course when it is in a dry form, dust inhalation. The other danger is of course from the fumes during firing. I plan to take the precautions needed. If anything, sadly there doesnt seem to be too many substitutions out there. unless I use a stain.