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In Topic: Making Pottery Or Metalsmithing

14 January 2016 - 03:46 PM

Yeah, I got kinda burned out on mugs, because I despise making handles! Hehe, pottery is a great joy, but I think lotsa people underestimate how much work goes into the whole kaboodle. I'd say that spoonrests would be a good start, and maybe cookie/sugar discs, too. Magnets made with cookie-cutters are quick and easy, too. :)
But, if metalsmithing is your truest love, then be a metalsmith! Clay is my truest love, and it hurts me a lot, but it brings me the most joy out of any medium. Oh, I still draw and watercolor, but clay is it!
I've had little shows where I sold ONE piece, but don't let that getcha down! ^_^ You just gotta know your audience and prepare accordingly. Good luck! ♥♥♥


We must be kindred spirits. Me and mugs have a love/hate relationship too. So, I just don't do many of them. I guess I should just do a 100 of them to find the rhythm but I might be tough live with during the process. ;)

In Topic: How Many Kilns?

12 January 2016 - 03:08 PM

Two here.

One electric and one fiber/propane kiln for my sagger firing.

I want to build a new raku kiln. that a goal for 2016.


In Topic: Qotw: Is Your Artistic Practice A Product Of Genetics Or The Environment?

05 January 2016 - 03:35 PM

Dad was an engineer when I was growing up. Mom is a very analytical person. No real artistic demonstrations.

But, they 100% support me in my artistic pursuits. Well...almost.

In college I was an English major thinking of writing poetry for a living. I brought that concept to my dad and I think he saw me living at home forever so he said, "you can write on the weekend. Go into Marketing and use that talent there." He was right. You have to pay the bills.


My wonderful, amazing wife pushed me into the muddy sciences and has been my ultimate supporter ever since she sat me down at the wheel while I kept her company in the studio at school. It wasn't long before I was throwing taller pots than the rest of her class. She even had to cheat once after her assignment blew up and used one of my pieces to pass the assignment. Since then she's been my second set of eyes and even has kept me from putting the initial hammer to a piece I wasn't totally satisfied. She is generally right and keeps pushing me. In addition to her I have other friends who are artists who inspire me to keep moving forward.


So I guess you would have to say I am a product of self-generated environment. If that makes sense.


In Topic: Do You Give Your Work As Holiday Gifts?

11 December 2015 - 02:57 PM

When we used to give gifts at family gatherings and did the whole steal thing, I would have been drawn and quartered if I didn't bring a piece. It was fun to watch the pot get "stolen" a few times and the ultimate happy victor.

In Topic: Sales Studio Ready For Use

04 December 2015 - 02:27 PM

All that space. Sooooo Jealous!

Looks great.