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#3086 Interior Supports?

Posted by naomi d. on 14 October 2010 - 07:20 PM

Thanks, all. Anthony, I'm using Laguna c.6 porcelain, but plan to only fire to cone 5 (sag issue). I thought about a tube form, so your advice helps solidify that idea for me. I do know I'll need to be extra careful at joins to really smooth. Part of my brain still wants to push it and see if I can do it all hollow. I'm up to about 30 lbs. currently, so it will ultimately be around 50-60 lbs. Marcia, I think you're right, plus I started at the feet (tiny area where the weight concentrated). My second attempt I now have the torso set and will start on the extremities in the next few days. Christine and Riorose, I'd forgotten about the internal removal forms; thanks for reminding me. I had a teacher using Vermiculite in panty hose, which could be poured out after the shape had set up enough - d'oh! Sometimes I fear my brain is more interested in mirroring that of Homer Simpson instead of retaining useful information. All this is quite helpful, and I'll be utilizing your suggestions. Thanks again.