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Pugmill As Extruder - Will It Work?

21 January 2015 - 10:49 PM








I have been considering purchasing one of these extruder dies that are made to fit on my Shimpo Pugmill. But when I look at the picture, I can't imagine that the extrusions won't meld together as soon as they pass through.


Does anyone have any experience with this?




Crocus Martis Yellow? Grog Brains.

15 August 2014 - 02:21 PM

I must have grog for brains. I was mixing up 5 large batches of glaze yesterday.

Despite careful planning, I miscalculated and was short the amount of Yellow Ocher I needed for one,

which is to be a translucent green glaze, which I discovered about 11pm.

I was despairing, because schedules, deadlines, you know. I came across a bag of Crocus Martis Yellow.

It looked exactly the same! Yes, I used it to finish the glaze.

Now, as I am sieving, I notice some redness in the strainer.

PLEASE TELL ME IT IS NOT LIKE RED IRON OXIDE! Please tell me it is yellow when fired.

Just tell me the truth. Am I screwed?

Thank you,



Skutt - 3 Sections To One?

08 July 2014 - 11:38 AM

Is it possible, practical, to take off sections of my Skutt 1027 to fire smaller loads?

I am doing a lot of testing now and it is not easy (or cheap) to fill the whole kiln while I get

new glazes and glaze combos right.




What I Need To Know About Changing The Thermocouple.

21 June 2014 - 02:29 PM

I spoke to Skutt tech support about some temp problems.  I put in a new thermocouple. It is the newer inexpensive style. The one I replaced is not made anymore. It was old and possibly responsible.  Some facts: Cone 6 firings, electric skutt 1027 kiln. About 100 firings in. More than half were cone 04.


I still had what I viewed as a problem (glazes vary from looking not good to just looking different) after one cone 6 firing, so I called Skutt again. Apparently, according to the tech, when you change the thermocouple you have to re-calibrate the kiln by comparing old cone tests with new cone tests. First I heard of that! I don't save the old cone tests. Do you? So now I need to run a firing with tests of all my glazes and figure out how to "calibrate" to get them to look like they used to. 


Has anyone experienced different results after changing the thermocouple? Did you know about this?


I realize there are many mechanical issues involved in accurate temperature readings in firing, but I appreciate it if you could help me with this one particular issue. Thank you so much!