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In Topic: Found A New Tool

26 July 2014 - 06:32 PM

I understand where you're coming from Schmism, but my dipping skills are far from refined and I'm very fussy about the finish. With a transparent glaze over v light copper oxide wash in areas on smooth White earthenware there's not much margin of error for uneven glaze. Think I may now be able to upload a photo so you can see the pieces I'm talking about. This one's about 8" diameter and I'm bisquing the oxide on so it stays put while I glaze.attachicon.gifimage.jpg
How will I know if it needs to be thicker than one quick dip?

Love this piece!

In Topic: Skutt - 3 Sections To One?

19 July 2014 - 11:46 PM

When you start taking rings off, the kiln will have a harder time reaching temperature. With 3 rings they work together to deal with the heat loss from the lid and floor. With one or two rings they have to work harder and may not have enough power to deal with it. Two rings may work, but may not. Firing is pretty inexpensive, so don't feel too bad about firing it half empty.


Just wanted to say Neil, that your comment has been freeing for me.  " Firing is pretty inexpensive, so don't feel too bad about firing it half empty."    Since I stopped worrying about it, I have successfully made and tested 3 new glazes which I am so excited about.  Because of others' suggestions, I am using cones in each firing which I date, and I have a book to record the firings and any nuances. Thanks.

In Topic: Image Envy ...

17 July 2014 - 07:05 AM



I wonder how much of "image envy" comes from the different interaction we have with other people's work than we have with our own.  


First - I have realized that it is very hard for me to be satisfied with my own work. Burdened with expectations of what it should be, I focus on the flaws and failures of my work to meet my ideal. While being our own harshest critic pushes us to be better, it sure doesn't give us a neutral starting point for interacting with our own creations.   Conversely, when I look at other people's work, I'm free of expectations and able to engage with the piece for what it is.  Ever notice that something that would drive you crazy in your own work just isn't a big deal in someone else's work?


Further more, familiarity breeds contempt.   How many times do we look at our own work and say "I wish I made that!"  We discount our own uniqueness/specialness because it isn't unique or special to us.  After all, we work the way we do because that's how we do it.  However, our work may be special to others in the same way that we find other's work special to us.  As you said, there are pots you make and pots you buy.  Let's hope that ours are special enough that someone wants to own them.


Lastly, by the nature of what we do as makers, we are going to look at and analyze other's work. Rather than image envy, I would hope that we can change the mindset to image appreciation.  A friend of mind once commented that instead of being envious, he was happy for other people that made more money then he.  That was eye opening to me, and since then I've strived for an approach where I try not to begrudge anyone else's success (certain outrageous CEO compensation plans excluded ;) ).  Instead of wishing that those images were ours, let's be glad for the maker and that we get to enjoy their creations. 






 This resonates with me big time. At a show, a woman grabbed a colorful bowl I made. Looking suspicious, she asked why the price was so low. I said nothing. To my relief she bought it and thankfully carried it away, out of my sight. For you see, I despised it.

In Topic: Skutt - 3 Sections To One?

09 July 2014 - 03:27 PM

Thanks for your common sense.


If anyone is interested, here is the answer from Skutt:


The kiln is designed to be used with all three sections together. If you want to
just load a very small load in the kiln, I would place the load in the center
section of the kiln and put empty shelves (with possibly extra shelf posts
laying on shelves to simulate having a larger load in the kiln) on the bottom
and top of kiln to keep the kiln firing more evenly.

If you wanted to physically make this a two section kiln, you would need to; put
different heating elements in the kiln, if it is an automated KilnMaster kiln it
would also need a different control box, and the building circuit breaker for
the kiln would need to be changed to a 50 amp breaker.

In Topic: Calcined Kaolin? (Glomax)

09 July 2014 - 08:32 AM

TJR, because that is what is suggested by alberta slip on the website / plaimsman clay.






I am about to do some mixing and testing of Alberta slip glazes which include, in part calcined slip , and I see the instructions on the Plainsmanclay website says: "We fire them (clays) to 1000F (Cone 022 or red heat) at 100F per hour and hold for 10 minutes.."  Firing up for 10 hours seems a little extreme. Does anyone think that is necessary?