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In Topic: How To Slab A Round Cylinder

11 December 2014 - 09:07 AM

I'll use any cylindrical form, from the cardboard roll from toilet paper to a large oatmeal container. Just remember to wrap a layer of newspaper around the form before the clay. When the clay firms up, slip the roll out. 

In Topic: Dining Set.. ?

08 December 2014 - 12:30 PM

Thanks everyone, gives me a better idea of what to include..


Measured our cabinets, Large plate 10.5'' Max size- Smaller plate maybe 7.5 to 8'' just for a extra sammich to fit.. Bowl size of 6'' and a Mug...


ok how about glazing the plates ? any ideas or help on this to save kiln room is appreciated.I have seen plate racks, looks like some touch the plate on the bottom of the rim.. this is the stuff I like to make, functional wares that can be used every day.. to cold out side to work on the Raku kiln, waiting for spring...




Hi Crusty,

I have been doing lots of plates lately. For glazing, I wanted to dip, so I rigged up a cardboard box to be wide and narrow and tall enough to dip 2/3 of the plate. I put in a garbage bag and folded it over the sides of the box. You don't have to worry about the bag being smooth or unwrinkled because when you pour in the glaze it pushes the bag against the box.

For efficiency in the kiln, I fit one plate per half shelf, and stagger the shelves. The plate does stick out off the shelf a little bit, but has not been an issue. I can fit 10 plates in my skutt 1027.Attached File  albanyplate.jpg   242.13KB   3 downloads

In Topic: Skutt 1227 Band Snaps Loose During Recent Bisque-Gerrrr

21 November 2014 - 09:17 AM

A simple test for the Stainless steel is a magnet test. If the steel is magnetic, it usually doesn't contain the needed nickel (which resists corrosion). Corrosion resistant stainless steel is usually a combo of chromium and nickel. Called 304 and is not magnetic.

There are some newer stainless steels that contain titanium along with the chromium. They are magnetic and don't corrode. They also are resistant to heat expansion. Called, 443 and used by the Japanese.

In Topic: Overcoming Insecurity

19 November 2014 - 08:18 AM

Imho, art is at it's best if it reflects the individual's life, experience, physicality, view, etc.. One of the fabulous things about kids art is that it has no self judgement. Do not judge yourself or your work. You have a strong drive and a clear voice in your work. Accept that, be proud of yourself. Each pot created is a success. Give no credence to the negative voice in your head. It is a destructive force. Nourish your soul with the beauty you make. You give generously to your vision. That is something that not all can do.

In Topic: Does Your Kiln/wheel/other Have A Name?

10 November 2014 - 12:39 PM

I haven't named any equipment, but I do talk to my glazes.