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Very Cool Ulexite Oil Spot Glaze, Cone 6

30 August 2016 - 11:27 PM

I found a very nice oil spot glaze posted on Facebook by Clara Giorello.   She took a cone 10 oilspot glaze, "Daly's oilspot" and changed it to a cone 6 glaze by adding Ulexite.   I had not even heard of Ulexite before, so a google search taught me that Ulexite is a sodium borate mineral.  It is also known as Sodium Calcium pentaborate octahydrate.  It sounds like very cool stuff.  It forms complex crystals that refract the light.  It is known as "TV Stone."   It is similar to Colmenite without the Silica and alumina.  Gersley borate has a small amount of it.  Clara Giorello ground the mineral herself.


Her recipe is: cone 6


K feldspar           40

quartz                 30

Talc                     10

Kaolin                 10

Ca Carb              10



add:   RIO           10

          Ulexite       10.



I tried to find a supplier for Ulexite.  I found an import company that was willing to sell me a metric ton of the stuff.  Has anyone ever used this and by chance found a distributor?



My Kiln Build

29 July 2016 - 08:47 PM

I am finally getting around to build my kiln.  It will be about 16 cu ft in capacity.   the outer measurements are 43' x 43."

Here are the first pics from the project.   More will follow.



How Many Water Colors Besides Cobalt Withstand Firing?

15 July 2016 - 02:41 PM

I have noticed a couple of posts mentioning the use of "cobalt  blue watercolor" as a colorant in glazes and washes. Are there other watercolors that are fire stable that would be usable as washes or in glazes?



Is It Possible To Make A Hydrophobic Glaze?

17 June 2016 - 01:10 PM

I was watching a YouTube video on water marbling/




In it Garip Ay makes water marbling pictures useing oil paints on ink stained water.  He then lays paper over the surface a gets an oil painting transfer.   If one could make hydrophobic glaze, could you imagine what transfers one could produce?


1.  Could water be replaced by mineral spirits in a glaze?

2.  Would this mineral spirit glaze float on water?

3.  Has anyone ever tried water marbling with a hydrophibic glaze?








Mixing Clay Bodies To Get Desired % Shrinkage

01 June 2016 - 11:14 AM

I just got an old (new to me) Brent extruder and will be making a lot more flutes.  But I am getting tired of the calculations for 12% shrinkage rates.  So I bought some heavily grogged Dixon Sculpting clay from Aardvark that has 8% shrinkage at cone 5.  


1.  Can I  mix that with B mix in a 50-50 mixture to get a clay body that shrinks 10%?  


2.  Does anyone know how these two clay bodies might play together?


The Dixon is Terra cotta red color in oxidation at cone 5. B mix at cone 5 is white.


3.  Any guesses as to what color the mix might be?


I thought if anyone may have tried this I could get some useful information.  Otherwise, I will try mixing them and see what I get.