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Cone Numbers- No Cone 0

21 August 2015 - 11:19 AM

I didn't sleep last night. Something was nagging at my mind. Then at 3:30 AM it came to me.....There in no cone 0. The chart goes from 01 to 1 in the blink of the eye. NO CONE 0. How many more nights will I turn in my bed wondering why "0" got neglected.

Then my mind drifted to the calender year progression and I noticed "it" happened again. The calender year jumped from 1 BC to 1 AD without a "0" year.

I spent the rest of the night racking my brain to find other examples where "0" had been ignored. I fear that may represent a whole month of sleepless nights of pondering the meaning of not having zero.

I think ceramics and time are conspiring together and refuse to give us "nothing."

If anyone else is wondering what happened to cone 0, enquiring minds want to know.


Moqui Balls For Rio

31 July 2015 - 05:47 PM

I went for walk this Am and picked up some moqui balls. They are made of hematite. Ground hematite is about 90% RIO. So I thought I'd throw them in the ball mill and make some locally grown RIO.

The pic is an example of what they look like. It's not my photo.... Too lazy to take a picture and upload it


Do You Store Your Glazes Dry Or Wet?

28 July 2015 - 08:16 PM

My family used to make lots of "made from scratch" brownies. So we premixed a large batch of dry ingedients and stored the mix in small sealed bags. It made things easier in the long run.

Using this as background information, when you make up a glaze,
1. do you make a large batch and store it premixed in its dry form or its wet form?
2. Or do you mix up each batch as needed from scratch?
3. If you have a glaze which uses a more volitile substance such as soda ash, do you make large amounts or smaller amounts?


Woo Yellow Strontium Carbinate Substitute?

21 July 2015 - 11:53 PM

My supplier does not have strontium carb and I wanted to make a yellow matte cone 6 glaze. I'm sure the strontium is a substitute for barium. Is there another substitute I can use?

If anyone has a nice yellow matte glaze for cone 6 that does not use strontium or barium, i'd love to get your recipe.


Kiln Controller Advice

22 June 2015 - 04:31 PM

I want to build a multi-zone kiln controller. I have looked at the Omega CN616 CT1 and the CN8241 series. The price was around $350. I also thought of buying multiple 1-zone cheap controllers and making 1 controller per zone.

What controller do you like?