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Mishima: Incised Through Wax Resist Or Scraped?

24 January 2016 - 01:06 AM

I was looking through many Mishima techniques and have noticed 2 camps.  


The first camp incises a leather hard piece, paints the lines with underglaze, allows the piece to dry, then scrapes off the excess undergalze. 


The second camp applies wax resist to the heather hard piece, then incises through the wax, followed by painting the lines with undergaze, then wipes off the excess.


Is one  the original technique while the other an adaptation?

Are there other ways to do this technique? If so, What are they?



Is A Square Cross Draft Kiln More Efficient?

14 January 2016 - 08:31 PM

I was reviewing kiln construction in The Kiln Book by F. Olsen.  He states that a cube shaped kiln is most efficient.  I have plans to build a cross draft kiln with inner measurements of 14" deep x 30 " wide x 24" tall.  The arch will be across the width of the kiln. This should allow one 11 X 22 shelf or two 11 x 11 square shelves.  The 2 burners will be on one side wall and the flue on the opposite side wall.


1.  Will this shape work?

2.  Will this shape have inherent hot and cold spots?

3.  How much harder (and more costly) would this shape be to fire than the standard cube?



Cannibalized An Old Kiln Today

13 January 2016 - 10:52 PM

I gutted an old kiln today.  I was able to salvage: 


1.  about 60 sq ft of 1" thick kaowool. it was a little wet and i hope I can dry it out.

2.  a Honeywell 1" gas shut off valve actuator.

3.  a Dongan ignition transformer. 

4. Type K thermocouple.

5.  Sigma type DD7 thermocouple controller (0-2500 degree F)

5. about 100 IFB. 


I thinks this gives me an ignition system and a safety shut off valve for power failure and max temp shut off. 


It was all free too. I'm getting close to having everything to start my kiln build. I still need to get an oxygen probe.


BUT what is the best way to dry out IFB and kaowool?



How Does A Gas Kiln Controller Work?

12 January 2016 - 01:25 AM

I understand the basic concepts of the controller system for an electric kiln. But how does this work in a gas kiln?  


If I were to build a control system, I would build a manifold with multiple solenoid valves arranged in parallel. The first line in the manifold would always be open giving a base rate. The next 4 or 5 valves would be attached to a solenoid, each connected to the controller.  The controller would open or close as many solenoids as needed to achieve the desired BTU/hr.   


Is this correct?

If so, how many solenoids are in a typical manifold?

If my idea is off base Teach me how it is done.


If anyone has a file or diagram to share, I would love it. :D




Mocha Diffusion With A Twist

01 January 2016 - 04:18 PM

I really love the fern-like patterns of mocha diffusion slip technique. I had an idea using this technique and wondered if anyone here had ever tried it.

My idea it this:
1. Throw a very thin translucent vessel.
2. Apply mocha slip to the outside.
3. While the slip is still wet, apply small amounts of a mild acidic solution which has no stain or colorant.
The dendritic effects will form without any colorants.

So, this is my question.....if the vessel were then fired, would the dendritic pattern show up as a translucent fern pattern where the slip had been etched away?

If anyone has tried this, please share. John Baymore has said that just about everything has been tried already. If so....would this work?