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In Topic: Coma Clay

14 August 2016 - 09:21 PM



Marcia: I gave it the name "coma", because the clay has no memory. 0.18% MGO, 0.31 FE.. ultra white at bisque/maturity.







Coma clay...........If  you fired it beyond the point of vitrification ,, you call it "Coma-toast".    .......just a thought. :D


All kidding aside, it looks great.

In Topic: My Kiln Build

09 August 2016 - 02:24 PM

My stem wall can be 21" or 25" tall.  Would it be better to have a 21" wall and a 12 " arch ( I have already made it) resulting in a height of 33"; or use a 25" wall with a NEW arch of 7" rise which would make a total height of 32" ?


Any suggestions?


For a forced air (power burners) downdraft kiln, what is the chamber size to flue ratio?  Just rechecking everything...




In Topic: My Kiln Build

08 August 2016 - 01:05 AM

Olsen calls the straight brick sandwiched between the skew brick and the arch, a "throw brick."  I had never noticed this before and was curious about it.


I built my arch support wider than you suggest.  It is 34" WIDE.  That is a 1 1/2" overlap on each edge.  Olsen gives a minimal arch rise 1 1/2"/ft and a maximum of 3" ft.  So I will rebuild the support to the right width and a 6 " rise.  That keeps the kiln in the cube shape.   My final kiln space will be 15+ cu ft. (not bad for a beginner).


I will widen the flue. I like the idea of adding a split if needed.


I was rushing to get as much built this past week because this Wednesday I will have disc replacement surgery on my neck.  I will not be able to lift anything greater than 2 lbs for 2 weeks. (I hope it is only 2 weeks).  As you know I live in the desert.  And we almost never get rain.  Yet as soon as I started the kiln it has rained here for 5 days straight.  My friend in the neighborhood told me I had to stop building the kiln before we all floated away.  We have had about 7 " of rain in 1 week.  We normally only get 9"-11" in a year.. The rain gods need to talk to the kiln gods more often. Their cooperation would be very much appreciated.


Mark, Bruce, Neil, Marcia.... Thanks for your help... I would have hesitated more before starting project without your back up.



In Topic: My Kiln Build

07 August 2016 - 11:37 AM


1.  Are you building downdraft or updraft? 

2. The size of your burner ports should at least equal the size of your flue opening; 


1.  I'm building a downdraft. The inside measurements are 31 (side to side) x 30(front to back) x 24 (stem wall).  With a 12" arch, the height will be 36 ".  Is that too far away from the ideal cube design.  If so, I can lower the rise.  To have the top of the arch be within the cube, the rise would be 6" or 2"rise/foot.  Is a 2"/ft rise structurally sound?



2. Each burner port is 4" x 4".  I have 2 burners.  So the flue opening is 4" x 8".  Should I increase the flue size a bit?



3. Should I put a throwbrick between the skew brick and the casted arch?  I don't know how much taller that will make the arch height.


Sorry for so many questions. It is a bit more challenging than I initially anticipated.



In Topic: My Kiln Build

06 August 2016 - 03:32 PM

I decided the arch would have a rise of 4" /foot. so the arch has a total rise of 12".