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In Topic: Birdhouse In Chinese Red

29 June 2016 - 10:06 AM

wrens like to fill up any cavities that might entice other birds to move in too close to the wrens.  and their babies return to the house for some time after they begin to fly.  yesterday, the mother scolded my dog for walking into her yard.  



Years ago we had a pair of wrens claim our enclosed atrium.  We left a small upper window open.  The window had no screen.  So once the nest was made, we did not close the window until all the wrens left the nest an didn't return at night... The music was great. They sang as we ate breakfast.  Watering the atrium plants was not so easy.


  The nest was in an old discarded pot.







In Topic: Looking For A Food Safe Orange

08 June 2016 - 04:34 PM

If you look at Community Challenge #5.  You can see the orange I came up with by adding Rutile to Amaco Dynasty red glaze ( cone 6.)  



In Topic: Mixing Clay Bodies To Get Desired % Shrinkage

01 June 2016 - 07:10 PM

As Min mentioned, both clay bodies are cone 5, so it will not be as bad as mixing earthenware and stoneware.  it will be more like adjusting shrinkage by adding grog.  The changes in shrinkage comes from the added grog content.  I hope.


Yes, I use a shrinkage ruler.  I  measure the % shrinkage from wet (fresh out of the extruder) to bisqued as well as from bisqued to  vitrified. Knowing the amount shrinkage at each step makes it easier to predict hole placement.


I want to clay with a little tooth in it for strength, but more importantly I want to get as close to 10% shrinkage as possible.  I make Native American flutes.  The diameter and length determine the fundamental pitch, key and hole placement. Just a mm difference can drastically alter the sound.  I  tune the flutes after the bisque firing and tune then flat by  the amount shrinkage will occur in the final firing. Tuning at this point is much harder


My issue is that since I just got a new extruder, I need to make new tube dies.  My old dies don't work in the new extruder.  So, since I have to make new dies, why not try to simplify my calculations. I want the final tube diameters to be 1" and 3/4" after firing. Everything would be easier. For example, if the shrinkage were 10%, the linear length would be .90 of original and the area would be .81 smaller (almost 0.8).  I can calculate these in my head. It makes it much easy for hole placement and tuning.  But first, I have to make new tube dies.  Is everything as clear as mud?


I have about 100 lbs to play with  so the "test, test, test"-ing will start tomorrow. 



In Topic: How To Achieve Cork-Like Appearance On Slabs

01 June 2016 - 01:05 AM

What would happen if you made a plaster mold of cork, then used the mold to press into the clay slab.  This would give you the texture.  You could underglaze or stain the recesses.



In Topic: Community Challenge #6

01 June 2016 - 12:53 AM

Has anyone thought about a more abstract self portrait?