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Latex Resist

23 March 2014 - 07:19 PM

I know this has been discussed many times before, but combing through the archives has not given me the info I want.  I've used it as a general search, and got nothing.  Went to members pages--who I thought had been in on the discussions--and there's just too many items to plow through.  My eyes have given up and my nether regions are numb.  Hopefully some of your memories are better than mine.


The latex I've tried before is really thin (even with additional coats) and is difficult to remove.  Is there any specific brand that may go on thicker, thus being easier to remove, than what I've used?  I've even considered rubber cement, but it is really too gloppy for my needs.  I have around thirty raku bowls/vases where I want the rims to be free of glaze so as to get a deep black color.  Tried using masking/painter's tape, but it was taking me an hour per pot to make sure everything was covered, and I maintained a sharp demarcation line.  Wax resist burns out, but causes the clay to be a dark gray rather than black after the post-firing reduction.


Any and all suggestions would be greatly welcomed.


This old lady thanks you in advance,