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glaze 'flaking' off

30 June 2013 - 04:42 PM

Alrighty then! I encountered a problem with a glaze that I have never came across before. The glaze is popping off the piece. To be specific, it's only when I'm layering and it's the top layer ... but up to 2 inches below that flakes off as well ... sometimes onto my kiln shelf or other peices, though most seems to contain itself on the pot or in the pot which then gets thick and bubbles making a lumpy and fragile layer. exposed clay still fluxes so something remains of the glaze that does pop off and leads me to believe it's before it even starts to glow. Standard cone 6 firing with kiln sitter. doesn't matter if I slow fire, or fast fire.

Could the glaze be lacking in clay? and i'm just spitballing here ... glaze contains borax and I needed some epson salts to suspend it in the glaze ... would this do it? Or would something else be at work with this?

Replacement knobs on a duncan 'the teacher' kiln

07 April 2013 - 12:40 AM

Just picked up a duncan kiln in great condition (fully works, never been fired even once) but is missing the dials on the front.

Just wondering if these ....


... will fit my kiln? (see attached) or know of a knob that will fit my kiln?

The kiln is an es model, but without being able to inspect the EA knob, looks like just a color difference. I've tried about a dozen or so different knobs, and paragon doesn't stock the knobs, only replacement switches.