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In Topic: How Do You "mark" Your Pot?

07 December 2014 - 08:38 PM

I'm going to point to my signature.  I have a chuck made from a wooden dowel I carved to be my signature.  I have 4 different sized ones of the same "G" with two dots under it  for size limitations ... and I utilize it to be pressed with a tiny pad of clay for a signature sprig.  Works well for my needs.  I will also tend to use different colored clays (black clay when used with red or white clays for example)

In Topic: Non Runny Ash Glaze

07 December 2014 - 07:48 PM

Human remains aren't the same as a wood ash so you will need to use a different formula based on the more calcium rich materials.  The two times I made a glaze from cremations have been more buttery matt than glossy because of the chemical makeup of the remains.  Mixed in 5% batches into most glazes shouldn't affect the glaze quality too much ... Here are a few to get you started.

Black Friday Glaze Con 6/ox

Nepheline syenite 270x 20
Whiting 15
EPK 18
Ferro frit #3124 20
Flint 325x 17
Bone ash (Friday) 10
Mason black stain #6600 12
CMC 1%

Audra Loyal
Eugene OR

SU STANDING BEAR ^6 OX. (Bill Edwards)
Silica 15.00
EPK Kaolin 20.00
G-200 Potash Feldspar 20.00
Ferro 3134 30.00
Bone Ash (Human) 5.00

In Topic: Selling Your Items To Stores

07 December 2014 - 07:29 PM

I have never had an issue with consignment itself.  There are many times where consignment are right.  Most notable is a gallery setup, you never get wholesale for that and everything is cataloged and inventoried.  Curio shops and your average retail shouldn't be consignment ... it's basically giving them inventory that can break and shatter in 100 different ways from when it leaves your hands to when it gets back that you will never be paid for.  I have gone as far as to give a pro-rated return if they need to send work back ... ussually it's the amount minus the restocking fee which sometimes doesn't amount to much.  but we are talking wholesale, the most important thing is to have good predefined terms when you do either consignment or wholesale.

Usually, for something like a cheese shop ... wholesale.  The more custom you make the work ... the more restrictive the terms. 

In Topic: Don Reitz R.i.p

29 March 2014 - 07:04 PM

He came here to Amarillo a few short months ago.  I was happy to hear him speak and to see his work in person.  Truly a loss.  I got to meet Davis, Voulkos and Soldner as well a few years before each one passed.  The world gets a little more dull with every passing of one of my heros.  :-\ 

In Topic: Another Discussion About Consignment/wholesale

18 February 2014 - 10:05 AM

What others have said, first and foremost.  They are effectively hiring you to sell them product that they can sell under their own brand.  This would entirely be wholesale.  Now, the terms of the agreement are important to determine wholesale rate.  Since you are no longer a consignment potter there you would need to make sure it's worth while to you.  Are you going for a 6 month contract? year? etc?  how big are the orders going to be? how frequent? are you going to negotiate rates every contract term? are they going to request different product designs? (because afterall, you're designing their products now ... they might want seasonal ware)  Since what you are doing is entirely custom to them and not returnable or resellable by you ... are they expecting to buy your product for half of what you are selling it for now? a third? because this is wholesale and then they apply their markup to make a profit.  This is important since your work is selling you've established the price, and at wholesale you could lose money on deals where they could profit only to turn around and drop you when they find someone who can do it for less ... it's their brand then.