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Catenary Wood Fire Kiln Stalling? Eveness?

23 April 2016 - 09:18 PM

What causes of tthe proverbial stall when wood firing?

What is going on when a kiln stalls due to rainy weather?

We had broke 2100 f and makinprogress, I expected rise to slow but once the rain started. We were struggling just to maintain 2000F

While the question applies to any kind or wood -fired kiln This was a catenary kiln.

This was my first time helping fire a Cat'. What are strategies to get even temp top to bottom? Loading, firing, and or design wise....... Bottom level was cooler . And didn't want to come up.Attached File  image.jpg   202.79KB   0 downloads

I Got Asked If I "wholesale" And If I Wanted To Do A "pop Up"

05 April 2016 - 06:32 PM

ive been selling some pieces at local bakery /cafe,  while there ran into boutique owner  hence the title.


i've kind of not been trying to make money at this, nor any real marketing.. but when opportunity knocks ... and my cylinders are getting more consistent. 


not to mention the saying .... when preparation and opportunity meet



when she asked i felt like she was throwing buzzwords at me.   naturally i redirected  and talked about my work and process.....


i suppose it was inevitable.... i suppose wholesaling is better than consignment if owner has $$


now i have to create "stock"


my yunomi/  small cups sell for $15  ( to give you an idea of what the market here will bear)  what should i wholesale for...? ive sold more of these  than anything.   


just to get an idea of what is industry standard?  whats about a medium size plate?   4.5 inch trinket/ dessert dish? mug?     im thinking of putting together a small $200 package to pitch. 


what exactly is a pop up.... how does that work?


Walker Pug Mill

11 March 2016 - 10:18 PM

any one know where to get a spider bushing for a walker pug mill.


it still works but I can see needing one.


i bought it used, from the looks of his studio  prolly never serviced the motor


any one have info on changing the oil/fluid?

Forced Air Down Draft Kiln Conversion

24 February 2016 - 10:57 PM

Didn’t want to step on other thread…..  I got the green light on an old Skutt 1227 conversion to gas, and since I already have (most parts)  forced air burner. Basically squirrel cage, rheostat, and plumbing parts. I have enough super duty hard brick for chimney flues and other construction.  i'm using 10 cubic feet as kiln volume.   


? My first inclination is to cut burner port and exit flue in floor of kiln to maximize ware space?


? how big exit flue? 2.5 square inch per cubic feet of kiln (Olsen, The kiln book)   will  hit 1  extra  extra angle before box/chimney should I increase size?


? how big inner dimensions of chimney?


? the pressure gauges are broke on parts I have what pressure range do I need and what valves,  and where in line  from tank to burner?   ( propane)


pictures coming soon.