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In Topic: Shinsha Glaze

Today, 06:14 AM

most reds

almost all reds are reduction


for oxidation i would consider using combination of glazes


good choice, and good luck studying historical glazes

In Topic: Cost Of Replacing Elements

Yesterday, 06:09 PM

If your changing elements.... Are you/ should you be changing relays? Then how long before wiring harness?

In Topic: Throwing Grainy Rough Clays

Yesterday, 04:38 PM

I love me some grog

But some of the roughest clays are coil / pinch built, finshed on banding wheel and appear thrown.

You'll be surprised how much grog you can tolerate, on wheel.

Sometimes it feel like grog is pushed into clay. Then reveals itself at trimming and after firing.

Much of the look and feel depends on amount, type and size of grog.

In Topic: How Best To Dry Reclaimed Dried Clay After It Has Been Processed Into Wet Clay

30 August 2014 - 09:11 PM

Thanks Biglou,
That clay that dried too much, do you let it dry and start over or add water to get it back to the right consistency?

First time I screwed up my clay, they blocks were soaked in water inside pillow cases, then moved to buckets, some water poured on top then placed in 5 gal buckets with good seals...

I may try and drill some holes and add water tommorow.....

I'm going to try and nurse these chunks slowly back to wedgeable,clay. As in all things pottery I'm in no hurry.

Worst case scenario they go In the recovery sludge, for next mystery body.....

It's to bad it's one of my favorite clays.....

In Topic: Wood Fired Kilns

29 August 2014 - 10:00 AM