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In Topic: The New Extruder

11 May 2015 - 09:02 PM

There is some play room. But once you start extruding I found it centers itself. Next back hollow die , the piece attached to "tripod", off of plane. This makes smaller die slightly inside....Also make sure your clay is appropriate moisture level and well wedged

In Topic: The New Extruder

11 May 2015 - 02:27 PM

I've used same.... not clear what problem is. Single die or 2 part die? How is it not aligned

In Topic: Cone 5 Kiln?

11 May 2015 - 01:22 PM

1. get serial # of kiln

2. call skutt to get history, and info on kiln. discuss with tech your plans

3. confirm power options at install site

4.  before purchasing check resistance of elements to make sure they are for 208 or 240   an that the resistance is within range.... test as much as you can with multi meter (buy or borrow a decent one)

5. make sure relays are functioning

6.check plug to make sure is appropriate.... look for signs or arc ing and or discoloration


this should get you 95 percent there

skutt has great customer service... but they do stay busy....

In Topic: Cone 5 Kiln?

11 May 2015 - 01:14 PM

1227 can and will go to cone 6.  but its really not designed as a cone 6 kiln.......   the skutt tech support suggests for regular use eg. weekly firing  at best is a cone 1 kiln.    unoficcial ..... however for less use like 0nce a month or bi monthly cone 6 firing  you may get your moneys worth.    skutt's advice for that size kiln and frequent use is the 1227 PK (production kiln) ....   running the 1227 at cone 6 shortens life span of elements, relays, wiring......


if they are telling you its a cone 5 kiln chances are its 208 V


if the kiln is from a school it may be 3 phase   which could cause problems if trying to install at home  (there is work around)  important here   you can get serial #  and call skutt.   asumming no undocumented work was done to kiln


other options include upgrading to apm elements when old ones go out



personally i wouldn't change anything right away....why fix if it aint broke (cveat emptor)


once everything is back to spec elements  phase relays harness    no complication in programming.    it took us one firing after relay ,harness change to get it properly calibrated to cones.   


if i ever buy a used kiln you can bet ill be testing it with multimeter before purchase,  which sounds very complicated.    but from an electronic dummy like my self do able


while most of my work has been fired in skutt....  im a huge fan of L&L  (no neil is not paying me)


1227 is approx 10 cu feet  (9.9)   which is pretty big for starting out......

In Topic: Community Challenge #2

11 May 2015 - 11:28 AM

i suppose you could make a lay out of different sides but one image?

what about short video......


but that's up to the boss