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In Topic: Soooo, Stupid Question, But How Do I Use This Pugmill?

Yesterday, 09:19 AM

pm me i might know someone who needs one

In Topic: Tin And Zercopax

Yesterday, 09:02 AM

its a great glaze follow directions

i got help here when i first made it

its a standard at community studio where im at now

i did lower the lithium to 5 and upped the silica on someones suggestion.

wait to get the tin.


and its not a shino by any stretch,  falls creek shino IS NOT a shino


author would prefer to call it oatmeal red.


the malcom davis shinos are pretty amazing,  and i recently used the RED malcom davis..... amazing.

In Topic: Custer Chips?

Yesterday, 08:50 AM

from the pacer mineral site


"In our deposit the predominant mineral is muscovite mica which has been compressed together with several other minerals. In the deposit you will find varying quantities of quartz, magnetite, garnets, biotite mica and soda feldspar."


also from them   "Silver Muscovite & Black Biotite Mica"  this stuff sinters at 1800, both micas


i imagine the black stuff is biotite  im going to try and cull the stuff with a magnet....now to find a big ol' magnet


i googled it but couldn't find a melt temp obviously below cone 04


how bad are the micas and iron going to look in wood fire

In Topic: Tumbler/ Ball Mill

18 August 2014 - 09:12 PM

Well i didn't get flat balls.
I didn't nor will need a mill.
After calcining I put in 5 gal bucket and mashed, not hammered with top of sledge, now I need some larger mesh screen, to get the size I want.
Thanks for the tips!

In Topic: Tumbler/ Ball Mill

18 August 2014 - 06:54 PM

What's up with the black crap in my feldspar chips from Custer?