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Portable Studio Table

23 June 2015 - 08:33 AM

Thought I'd pass this along in case anyone occasionally needs an extra studio "table".  I love it when something really works out  :D


I was visiting a friend who refurbishes old cars and he had a stand he was using outside to put fenders, doors, etc. on to work on them.  I immediately think "that would be great in my studio"!  So I bought one and I'll have to say, it has become my new favorite piece of equipment in the studio.


It holds up to 200 lbs, but is lightweight and can easily be moved from place to place.  Remember TV trays?  Works like that……I place two pieces of sheetrock on it for the 'table top' and it's good to go.  Whether I'm creating or glazing, I place it nearby for a surface to place pieces on.  When I don't need it, it easily folds up and is out of the way.  And, it's inexpensive!  I caught it on sale for $19.99 and had a 20% off coupon!


I've also used it for spray painting …… then I put an old piece of plywood on top…..doesn't matter if it gets paint on it.


It's from Harbor Freight and is called a "Portable Work Stand".  The picture shows it as I was using it to put pieces I've glazed on…..waiting to be finished with majolica decoration.

Terra Sigillata Flaking Off

05 March 2015 - 10:55 AM

I use terra sig on the bottoms of my majolica pieces (Highwater's low-fire Stans Red clay).  I mix my own terra sig using Red Art.  Have not had a problem with it until this past bisque firing and had one plate where the sig flaked off about the size of a quarter.  The rest of the sig on that piece was fine.  


I'm thinking of trying to put sig on the bare spot before glaze firing it.  Has anyone ever used sig on bisque ware?  And, any ideas on why it would have flaked off in the first place?

Spectrum Glaze Problem

01 October 2014 - 04:46 PM

Yesterday I glazed some of my low-fire mugs and trivets with the Spectrum 900 series glazes (909, 920, 911, 913).  The pieces are made with Asheville, NC's Highwater Clay's Stans Red clay.  I bisque-fired them to Cone 04.  I had previously fired test tiles with these glazes and a combination of the glazes using the same bisque temperature, the same clay (see 1st photo).  They turned out great.[/size]
This morning when I went to load my kiln, this is what I found (see mug and trivet photos).  Every piece was affected, whether it had only one coat (the trivets - I was going to put another coat on them this morning) or whether it was ready to go into the kiln with a combination of the glazes.  
This was the first time I've glazed with the Spectrum glazes after firing the test tiles.  I can't imagine what went wrong.  I don't want to throw away new jars of glaze, but I'm afraid to use them again.  I've glazed other pieces from the same bisque load (same clay) with other glazes….Stroke n Coat and Amaco's LG-11….. and haven't had a problem.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I emailed Spectrum, but thought someone on the forum might have some idea.