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In Topic: The New Extruder

04 July 2015 - 09:44 AM

I am interested to buy a hand held extruder but don't know which seems to be the prefered choice. Has anyone heard of IKEG - Industrial Klay Extruder Gun. I know there is Scott Creek and Bailey. But which one to buy?

I have the Northstar Big Blue extruder and, frankly, don't use it too often.  Just haven't taken the time to mess with it.  But, I needed a smaller hand-held extruder and made the one shown on the Ceramics Arts Daily website.  It works well for my needs.  I occasionally teach hand building classes and showed this extruder to the students…..several made their own and are happy with it.  


In Topic: Community Challenge #2

27 June 2015 - 10:16 AM

Send me your address and your brownie preference, and they will be in the mail shortly. Ask around for an opinion of their quality.

Received my brownies this morning!  They are awesome Becky……went GREAT with my morning cup of coffee!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Hey guys…..get your challenge in; the brownies are worth the effort!  :rolleyes:

In Topic: Portable Studio Table

26 June 2015 - 09:12 AM

My 2 Harbor Freight's are so handy. I like that the chain lets me fine tune the height. I even put a skirt on one for a sales table at a fair and it makes a great impromptu bar :) 2 of them support a 4'x8' sheet at your favorite work height and they fold up to almost nothing for storage.

One of the things I like about it is the leg configuration…..for instance, when I'm in glazing mode and not using my wheel, this can fit over my wheel and doesn't take up any more floor space in my studio.  

In Topic: Community Challenge #2

08 June 2015 - 09:41 AM

Final Entry - Mossyrock


To me, spring is all about the birds singing and the gorgeous blooms after a long drab winter.  So, my final entry is a vase for the blooms decorated with birds!  (Thanks for reminding me that I can combine pics to show both sides.)  Love this forum!

In Topic: Community Challenge #2

23 May 2015 - 08:52 AM


The rules posted above state that only one image be attached to an entry.  Sometimes my work has four sides, each decorated totally different.  So one image wouldn't really show the decoration for the entire piece.  I could possibly photograph it at an angle to show two sides in one photograph, but the other side couldn't be shown. Is there anyone else out there that might have this same problem? (Well, not really a problem, but you know what I mean  :rolleyes: )  

 I have removed the rule about one image, the reason it was there is because having 5 images per entry to take across to a results thread would be time consuming and each post I can only link 5 picture onto. I will still take one pictures into the final entry thread unless I feel two is really needed. If you want every picture in then do a composite of all pictures into one.


Thanks!  Now why didn't I think of combining the pictures of all sides into one in the first place????