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Posting Photos Here

05 October 2016 - 10:57 AM

i have no cell phone so i do not know how to use one.  at all.  


lately, over the past year or so, i have noticed that here and other websites the photos are often shown sideways.  that is, an item that is clearly vertical is shown horizontally.  i know people use the cameras built into their cell phones and wonder why the pictures come out this way when posted.  


is there a "usual" direction that results in accurate photos and some people are taking them sideways to get everything in the shot or what?  once taken and posted, they cannot be changed, apparently.  how can this be fixed?

The Only Absolutely True Rule For Potters. Pay Attention To This

21 September 2016 - 02:53 PM

whatever tool you work hard to get is the one that you will lose.


it will stay lost until the day before the new one arrives via UPS.



the pretty pink facemask is hanging in the corner, invisible in its white plastic bag.  sigh.........................

High Tech Scale, Share The Laugh With Me

19 September 2016 - 07:19 PM

have used my old Ohaus triple beam scale since the stone age.  found all kinds of wonderful new stock at the local walmart last week as they get ready for holiday sales.  one item that i was excited to buy was a flat battery operated scale that works with pounds and ounces or grams.  only $15, it is pretty and it weighs up to 11 pounds!!  my scale is great but i hate that i have to stop at 2610 grams.


tried it out today setting it for grams and wanted to weigh out 3000 grams of a base glaze i made recently.  i wanted to add 4 % color to the base so i needed to know how much to add.   that is when i discovered the funny thing.  the readout of the new scale is located under the weighed ingredients so it cannot be read. sigh..............................


apparently i need to make a flowerpot shape with a small enough bottom so i can read the numbers.


it is going back to the store. 

Making A New Batch Of Sapphire Blue

12 August 2016 - 05:28 PM

the question is......................  since rutile is an impure form of titanium dioxide and i have both, will my recipe benefit by my using the titanium dioxide instead of the rutile?  have been influenced by ray aldrige and his lovely titanium glazes.



silica                              15

EPK (kaolin)                   25.5

custer feldspar               25.5

ferro frit 3134 (boron)     42.6  (i know it does not add up to 100)



add bentonite                    2

rutile                                  4.3

cobalt oxide                       2.1


i have the cobalt oxide this time around.  last batch i used cobalt carbonate and increased the amount.  the batch is finished but  waiting for an answer before i add either rutile or titanium.

Anyone Know A Similar Glaze For Cone 6 Oxidation

31 July 2016 - 10:30 PM

this glaze came from my friend Robin Teas while she worked at Lord Fairfax comm. college in va.  it was her recipe and fired in a gas kiln.  i know the pinkish effect is from reduction firing but i wonder if anyone has a glaze recipe for something matte, green and able to show fine texture without flattening it out.


Robin has given me several recipes to try but it does not hurt to ask the whole community the question.