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Is Anyone A Toolmaker Or Machinist?

13 July 2017 - 07:52 PM

is anyone a machinist who can duplicate this tool?   i have been trying to find it or something close for years.  today i was inspired to make it and i did.  but, i know there are other people who could benefit from it if it were readily available.


looking for someone who is familiar with working with metal and has a basic shop.  you can see that mine is made with duct tape holding it together.  will you please contact me by pm to share details?



Percentage Of Water To Glaze Ingredients Is ?

05 July 2017 - 08:37 PM

it was not too long ago that i saw the weight of water and ingredients for a typical 100 gram test batch of glaze.  something like 66 %  i think.  have looked up water and percentages here and only find things that are years old.  i am trying some new glaze recipes and i just want an idea of how much water to add to my 100 g of ingredients.  then i can test, test, test.


does anyone remember this?

Exactly What Is Going Wrong Here?

08 June 2017 - 07:55 AM

i love the transparency of the glaze i have been using for over a year now.  it allows all the very tiny detail to show through the shiny covering.  i use green because my work involves natural leaves with all their veins and edges showing just as though you had picked a leaf from the tree.


when i use copper carbonate to make green, i know that i have to cover the entire pot heavily to get enough color.  what bothers me is that the pot is covered with glaze, it is shiny, it is covered but the green seems to slide down inside the glaze coating and land in the lowest spot where it is very green while the sides look too pale.  yes, i can refire with more glaze and get a more even coating of green but i am doing the same thing, adding to the low spots while evening out the coverage.


the very same base glaze with a mason stain, in this case mazerine blue number 6300, applied the same way as the green, comes out fine with only a single firing.  what is in the mason stain that makes the color stay in place and cover evenly?  i will be contacting Mason and talking with their very generous technical person later today but i just wonder if those of you with the chemistry skills can let me know what is happening.  i know they use something to opacify but why is the blue staying evenly all over the same shape as the green without sliding down to the low spots?  


the funny thing is that each mason stain has a different effect when used in the base.  the use of praseodymium yellow, number 6433, covers the texture and flattens it out.  the green stains i have muddy the colors and the transparency is gone.


any ideas?  the photo shows the pale green with the copper carb and it looks like it is just not enough coverage and this piece is flatter than the usual but next to it are a number of the mazerine blue that were sprayed the same amount and they are totally fine.  the piece on the right is the overspray that has collected over the last year.  it is always fine.  why is it only the green?

Another Math Problem

30 May 2017 - 05:37 PM

so tired after glazing and making things for a show on june 10.  and math is my least favorite thing and somehow the computer math things want to teach me how to do things instead of just  giving the answer.  so here i am again, begging for help.


question: what percentage is   .02 grams when added to 5 grams of glaze?  i just wanted to see what color would come out if i tried pansy purple and deep orchid to my clear glaze.


thank you for even considering answering this. 



Kiln Shelf Warp Question

29 May 2017 - 11:24 PM

several of my shelves have warped.  i need them flat because making flat things demands that they do not rock when placed on a table.  most are ok but i have a photo of one shelf that is about 1/4 inch down in the center.  the second is about 1/8 inch.


i will be firing to cone 6 in a few days and hope to be able to turn these 2 shelves upside down and hope the sag is reduced.  is there a special spot in the kiln where the effect will be more likely to happen?  i assume the hottest location is best but that is at the top.  should i weigh down the shelf that needs straightening with a flat one? 


being unable to "waste" a firing on just this, i plan to load the rest of the kiln with glazed ware.  do you think it can be done?