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Dippers, I Need Glazing Ideas For Many, Many Bowls

05 February 2016 - 01:00 PM

there is going to be an empty bowl supper in st petersburg in march.  a large number of bowls have been bisqued and are waiting for a glaze application.  there are several colors of glaze in buckets but i am not at all familiar with them beyond looking at the test tiles hanging on the wall.  the tests are of single colors on various clays, none show an overlap.


using white with colors overlapped has worked for 50-75 or so of them.  after dipping the white, the opposite side is overlapped with waxwing brown, something called mottled blue or black and a final splash with a bright color finishes them. they have not yet been fired so i have no idea if they will look good together.  will the bright yellow spots show up on black?  


what other simple ways can i do the several hundred more?  they vary in shape and size plus skill level.  i have used cat, star and heart shaped sponge stamps on a few of the smaller ones but that is hard on curved surfaces.


my problem is that i want to keep it easy and yet attractive and not use up all the glaze in the buckets since making more is someone else's job.  and the real stumbling block i have is that these bowls will sell for only $10.


any advice is welcome.

What Happened To The Guy Who Wanted................

10 January 2016 - 05:53 PM

sometimes 15 pieces of advice from lots of us go toward some new member who asks a question and needs an answer right away.  we are always glad to be of help, but we never hear what the final results are for that member.  (who probably never posts again)


does anyone else wonder what happened to the lady who had to immediately produce a bunch of plates (without throwing them) for a wedding?


there are lots more examples.  anyone remember one we never heard from after all?  do we scare them off?  are we only one place they sought advice?  do i expect too much?

Going To Make Raku Kiln, Fiber, Wire And Trash Can Lid

31 December 2015 - 01:59 PM

when my camera was stolen, it contained a number of photos i was going to use to make a raku kiln just like the one used at the demo at highwater clay in florida.  i know its construction is simple enough that i can just do it but i wonder if anyone has seen the plans for it online somewhere.


the design was worked out many years ago so i am sure there are bits of info somewhere.  the end product is a metal trash can lid wired to 2x4 inch lightweight fencing material.  the fiber is inside the wire and attached with wire held by ceramic buttons on the inside.  a hole is cut near the bottom and a weed burner used to provide the flame.  a 20 lb propane tank is attached to the weed burner.  


the lightweight kiln rests on a stack of firebricks that also support pots to be warmed for the next load.  lifting the lid removes the entire kiln so it can be moved out of the way when it is time for reduction.  the whole arrangement is the simplest one i have ever seen and i LIKE simple.  my pictures showed details like the thickness of the fiber, the height of the wire fencing, the number of firebricks used, etc.  firing took about 20 minutes once the kiln was hot.  and that only took about 20 minutes.


the impetus for this came when i was wandering around a big box home center and found 31 gallon metal trash cans.  there were only 7 cans but 13 lids.  the manager agreed to sell me 2 of the lids for $1 each!!  WOOPEE!!!!  that lid had been the hard part as far as i was concerned.  now i can go ahead and do it.   except : do i buy 1 inch fiber or 2 inch fiber?  is the wire fencing 24 inches high or 30 or 36?  is the guage of the wire known so i can keep the whole thing light enough to lift with welders gloves?  


just details..........................

Mixing This Glaze As A Present For A Friend

27 December 2015 - 03:22 PM

the amount of red iron oxide is 19.87.   this is a rich, cordovan red-brown and i know my friend will love it.  


do i remember some "rule" that limits colorants to less than 15% or am i having a senior moment and worrying about nothing?

Is Everyone Ok?

24 December 2015 - 12:42 AM

the weather forecast on the news tonight showed severe tornado damage in several states.  a number of members live in mississippi and that state was hit hard.  hope everyone is OK and able to get into their studios and make work.