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Making A New Batch Of Sapphire Blue

12 August 2016 - 05:28 PM

the question is......................  since rutile is an impure form of titanium dioxide and i have both, will my recipe benefit by my using the titanium dioxide instead of the rutile?  have been influenced by ray aldrige and his lovely titanium glazes.



silica                              15

EPK (kaolin)                   25.5

custer feldspar               25.5

ferro frit 3134 (boron)     42.6  (i know it does not add up to 100)



add bentonite                    2

rutile                                  4.3

cobalt oxide                       2.1


i have the cobalt oxide this time around.  last batch i used cobalt carbonate and increased the amount.  the batch is finished but  waiting for an answer before i add either rutile or titanium.

Anyone Know A Similar Glaze For Cone 6 Oxidation

31 July 2016 - 10:30 PM

this glaze came from my friend Robin Teas while she worked at Lord Fairfax comm. college in va.  it was her recipe and fired in a gas kiln.  i know the pinkish effect is from reduction firing but i wonder if anyone has a glaze recipe for something matte, green and able to show fine texture without flattening it out.


Robin has given me several recipes to try but it does not hurt to ask the whole community the question.

Found New Textured Paper!

25 July 2016 - 09:02 AM

can't seem to just post these in the gallery.  so i am putting them here hoping someone will remind me how to get them into the gallery.


the paper is wonderful.  the pattern is bigger than i expected but i love it.  after covering the sheet of paper with fixative, i rolled these slabs out and made some prototypes yesterday.  clay is still soft and malleable so i can put tops on the square vases and maybe a lid on the sugar bowl.  that will sit with the creamer on an oval tray.

Storing Sodium Silicate Long Term

10 July 2016 - 07:47 AM

watched john britts video clip on floc-defloc glazes and saw that sodium silicate would work on slips, too.  have been using slips made from my white clay slurry with added colors for years.  some were getting low and some very thick since i do not use them as often as i used to.


worked on making and reconstituting lots of them over the last few days.  added sodium silicate to some that were very thick in their containers and used the stick blender on them. made new tests that are all recorded in the same place, for now.  made several new ones with colors recently bought.


the sodium silicate jar was dated november, 2011 and had been taped shut and arrived inside a plastic bag.  i left it upside down on the shelf for all this time and it was fine when i opened it, just a small slab of solids floating in it.  never worked with it before, only made magic water.


now that i am almost finished with the slips, i wonder about storing the ss so that i will be able to use it in future.  it is very strange stuff.  i dripped it from a stainless fork and found that if i put the fork down, a puddle would become a very solid puddle that needed scraping off the tabletop.  i used an old silverplate fork near the sink and it tarnished and had a firm skin on it later at cleanup time.


i had some ss from the 1980s that turned into a solid inside the jar.  no way to reconstitute it according to the supplier.  i do not want that to happen with this jar.  how should i store it?  i taped the top onto the jar with duct tape, put the jar into a plastic bag, sank the whole thing into a bucket of water and put the lid on.   all in an effort to keep air out.


any suggestions from those of you who have a real education and know what to do now? 

Birdhouse In Chinese Red

26 June 2016 - 11:42 AM

last fall, i gave a bucket of chinese red glaze to a friend.  i just wanted to show him what i had done with the glaze so i got the ladder out and climbed up to show him the birdhouse i made and hung last year.  i knew it was empty because i had opened it last week and saw that it had been used.  there was a beautiful hollow circle of twigs and feathers about the size of a golf ball.


got one shot and then opened the top to show the interior and surprised us both.  quietly clicked the camera above my head and took my ladder and went away.


surprise!  when i used "fix" on my computer, i saw the baby bird mouth in the first shot!  i know that a wren used the nest because the birdhouse is tiny, the opening is tiny and the bird is really tiny.   glad i hung it there!


these are reversed, the first one should be second.