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What Causes The Stuff At The Top Of The Bucket?

15 May 2017 - 10:21 PM

calling all chemists!    


some of the glazes i use do something strange up at the top.  i usually keep the buckets cleaner but these are ones i used last november and left until may 1 or so.  i have seen this happen in the past but it is not something i worried about then and i am not really worried now, just curious about what ingredient is causing it.


one is the rutile green in bill vangilder's book and the other is called sapphire from ?  30 years ago???


Rutile green (this is colored with mason stain cerulean blue, not green)         


whiting                     4

talc                           5

EPK                        17

custer                     22

silica                       26

frit 3134                  26



add rutile                  6

       bentonite           2





frit 3134                 42.6

custer                    25.5

EPK                       25.5

silica                      15



add  rutile                4.3

        cobalt oxide     2.1  i prefer to use cobalt carb but i do not know how to convert the numbers for this size.  i usually mix up a 

                                       2000 gram batch at a time.  this is a beautiful glaze but covers texture so i only use it on exteriors of bowls

Crystalline Party Tonight, Wonderful!

11 March 2017 - 10:00 PM

after breaking (accidentally) 3 large pieces today, i had the pleasure of visiting at the Potteryboys studio in Palm Harbor this evening.  there is a workshop going on this weekend with several crystalline potters and featuring the work of Robert Hessler, who was giving the workshop.  as usual, glenn and keith made the whole party marvelous, inviting everyone and welcoming all of us to their lovely home.  and as usual, everyone brought wonderful food.  robert had a number of pots available to buy and the crowd certainly took advantage of that opportunity.


i took photos of gorgeous pots, not always sure who made them, i just saw beautiful things everywhere and snapped away.  everyone seemed to be having a great time and so did i.  will try to post pictures of what i saw.  thank you Jed, for helping me understand how to adjust the photos i take, now if i could just learn to hold the %$%$ camera still, they might be in focus!  happy viewing.


sorry, jed, i forgot so much that i did not alter them as much as i could have.  the last one is so dark you can hardly see GLENN.  worked on them for a long time but did not do what i wanted.

Found A Cord, What Kind?

19 November 2016 - 12:28 PM

cleaning up studio a little and found a cord from a kiln.  no idea which one.  anyone know from the picture and description?  it is a paragon, cord says TYPE SRDT DRYER CORD CABLE 10/4 90 (degree symbol) C.


if it is the same as the one on my portable controller can it be installed on a very old L&L econokiln model 18 ?  label says watts 44 volts 220/II ? (cannot read well) amps 20 serial number 10117 (?) "not to be used over 2300 degrees"


this kiln is so old that i watched it doing a raku firing in the 1970s, the cords between rings are covered with black and white fabric and it has the old L&L address in pennsylvania.  it has been sitting around for a long time and i have never used it.

Hooray! It's Over!

18 November 2016 - 04:00 PM

just finished the last glazing of the year at 3 pm.  it is done at last.   firing will be in a day or so.  i have until next friday for this stuff so sunday firing will be great.  the guild sets up for the big holiday sale on friday and the sale runs saturday and sunday.Attached File  001.JPG   203.65KB   1 downloads   


am going to sit down and read a book.  

Math Problem Is Beyond Me

01 November 2016 - 09:37 PM

today the brain is not working well.  not that math is easy even when it is.  truly stupid question.  my glaze recipe totals 100 grams.


i want to make 8000 grams.  what do i multiply each amount by to get to 8000? :(