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In Topic: Silkscreen Test Plates

Today, 08:59 AM

my message is lost.  darn post button being at the bottom!  


the design is excellent, you will get those execution details down very soon.  i think the balance of color and white is just right and the music looks as though someone just dropped a ribbon of music onto the plate.  well done!


really attractive.

In Topic: Qotw: Epic Failures Anybody?

Yesterday, 10:34 PM

somebody was watching out for me once when i had a small kiln in my basement studio.  turned it on, went to bed and in the morning while getting ready for a sudden business trip to california i needed something from the laundry in the basement.  it was the usual madhouse getting two kids out to school and me to the airport.


 thank you, whoever was doing the watching, the kiln was still going and would have burned the house down while i was gone for a week.

In Topic: Element Fail / Question About Shutoff Temp

22 August 2016 - 03:22 PM

good! :)

In Topic: Element Fail / Question About Shutoff Temp

21 August 2016 - 07:01 PM

sorry, mea.  busy season is no time to need rewiring.  hope it works out well.


wish there were a way to tell when things will go wrong before turning on the kiln.  i have a single element with a slight bit of lean to the right.  it is in the center of the kiln and i hope it will last the season. going to fire this week.

In Topic: Low Fire Clay Flux

21 August 2016 - 07:57 AM

you refer to low fire clay but do not give a temp, cone or reason.  if your kiln can handle cone 6, there is a very good, simple recipe for a cone 6 clay that is very inexpensive.  look for an old post  "making clay 101"  from 2013-4.


the recipe is   redart               50%

                      XX saggar clay 50%.


yes, that is all except water.   the color is a warm red and the clay is very strong, i do not know about vitrified, i always apply glaze.