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In Topic: Weird Liquefied Slip ....

Today, 03:34 PM

had a dentist named Payne.

In Topic: Over Fired

Today, 03:33 PM

never used kilnwash on the sitter. zero problems in many, many years.   look at something else.

In Topic: Suggestions For A Lime Green Glaze?

Today, 03:28 PM

2 years ago, at the end of the year,dirt roads had one piece left in their inventory, it was lime green.  sharon will know the brand name.

In Topic: Second Try, Wip Gallery Piece...

Today, 09:53 AM

anyone would be super excited to even SEE your work!  ...................well, maybe not that cat.....................bad cat!!!!

In Topic: Look Mark! My Sponge Holder Prototypes

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

terry, the "harp" thingy can be as easy as a cake cutter from wilton.  the folks whose things are in every Michael's store.  if you use both hands it makes it steady.