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In Topic: Buncheong

Yesterday, 10:08 PM

preeta, thanks, but there is only a big, black square.  :(

In Topic: Glazing Terracotta

Yesterday, 10:04 PM

the answers you have might have alerted you to a slight problem.  why do you want to use terra cotta?  is it because you have a lot of that particular clay?  if so, you will need to do what it wants you to do, fire it to its best temperature which is  lower than cone 5.


if you want to have a cone 5 pot, get some red-brown clay and use it with cone 5 glaze.  if you are in the usa, i can give you a two ingredient recipe for a lovely redbrown, clay.  it goes to cone 6 and is very smooth and easy to work with.  mix 50% redart clay with 50% XX saggar clay.  


deciding what you want to have as a result is usually better than deciding to do a specific thing just because you want to.  there is enough frustration in claywork without asking for trouble.  

In Topic: My Summer Adventure

Yesterday, 10:04 AM

bruce, is that the one in shannondale?  it is only a few miles from me.  once you all get sticky hot, come on over for a dip in the potomac.

In Topic: Washing Bisqueware Before Glazing?

Yesterday, 09:58 AM

thanks, all for agreeing with me somewhat.  one other thing that happens if you dip into a clean bucket of clean water is that when it is all over, there are usually tiny crumbs of clay in the bottom of the bucket.  i never know where they come from but i am glad they are in the bucket and not on my pots.  maybe some come from signing on the bottom or bits that were carved off but the tiny bits did not fall away from the pot.  but that is the time to make sure that whatever you glaze is what you want.


years ago i found the results of many potters dipping into a large communal trash can size bucket when i sieved the glaze.  for the first time in ages, apparently.  there was even a whole bisque cup that must have fallen into the bottom and stayed there with all the crumbs.  about a cupful that time.

In Topic: Birdhouse In Chinese Red

Yesterday, 09:48 AM

wrens like to fill up any cavities that might entice other birds to move in too close to the wrens.  and their babies return to the house for some time after they begin to fly.  yesterday, the mother scolded my dog for walking into her yard.  


thanks for the grape jelly idea!  that is a new one on me.  i have tried fruit but it just goes bad and nobody eats it.  i rarely see orioles.


i am going to try to post the picture that has the baby bird mouth showing in the opening.  tried before and just made two entries instead of one.