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In Topic: Newbie Question

Today, 02:22 AM

it is great that you want to encourage your wife and she is happily on her way, but there is no such thing as a beginner kiln.  they come in so many varieties to suit different needs she may need to discover what will work best for her before any purchase.  we have had several spirited discussions on this subject in the last few months.  


you might consult some of the books on ceramics and pottery to be found in your local library. since your wife is interested in the field and wants to continue, she will want a kiln that will handle the work that she will produce.  installing a heavier circuit will be a necessary step. you might find a used kiln to reduce the total costs if that is a consideration. visiting several potters to see what they produce and how they fire their work might help you both know more about what to buy. 

In Topic: To Sell Or Not To Sell? That Is The Question

Yesterday, 12:15 PM

i had a friend print up two sheets of lables reading   " Occasionally, something spectacular happens in the kiln.  the price of this item reflects that."


that way i can price a little higher those of my regular "production" line that have a special look to them.  out of the 60 printed labels, i have used 9.  i do not think any of the 9 has not sold. 

In Topic: What's Your Choice Of Torch?

16 November 2014 - 05:36 PM

del martin did a workshop for us.  one of the big pots needed to dry enough to turn it over so we went out to his gas kiln area, he pulled one of the burners out of the wall and torched the pot.  a few minutes later it was happy to turn itself over so the previous bottom could be pulled out to make the top.


i don't suggest using a kiln burner.

In Topic: Making "bosses" (Little Bumps On Old Pots)

16 November 2014 - 05:30 PM

bosses in brass or silver are fairly common decoration. if any of you are old enough to remember paper strips covered with colored candy dots they would be the sort of thing i think rebekah is looking for but whatever size she wants isn't clear.  the metal ones are made by pushing the thin metal from the inside and controlling the shape into a dot on the outside. pushing clay that way might be possible but it would leave an opening on the inside for dirt.  rolling a slab over a mat with holes in it would work, we have seen that often but throwing something is different.


 how you would do this with clay easily would probably involve a way to press a complete half sphere accurately and have it stick to the pot.  maybe make a strip of clay about 1/4 inch thick and whatever width would fit your pots, press a rounded pencil eraser into the clay to make a spherical impression and fire the strip to bisque temp.  that would make a bunch of dots once the holes are filled with soft clay.  then what? treat them like sprigs?  lots of work.

In Topic: For Christmas.

16 November 2014 - 05:01 PM

thanks, peter.  it sounds like our powdered sugar.