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In Topic: Chawan, Yonomi, Tea Bowl, Tea Cup, Mug.......

21 October 2016 - 03:34 PM

sydney. if you are in a student situation, learn what is being taught.  you have a lifetime for whatever creativity is unleashed once you have basic skills.  


even Shakespeare needed to learn the alphabet.

In Topic: Brush-On Stoneware Glazes

21 October 2016 - 09:25 AM

never having done that, i have no suggestions.  all of my info comes from the school of hard knocks.  you need a graduate of a ceramics program who has real knowledge.  maybe someone else will answer with the technical info you seek.

In Topic: The Only Absolutely True Rule For Potters. Pay Attention To This

21 October 2016 - 08:37 AM

paul, it gets even funnier.  yesterday was glaze day.  for bowls, those round things that have a hollow in the center.  i spray glaze.  outside because i have no spray booth.  


normally flat things get sprayed with no problems.  i have not had a respirator for years, there is one of the heavy, clumsy awful ones somewhere on the back of a shelf.  so i got one of the kind Joseph showed us in his avatar.  that is the one that was hanging in the corner.


yesterday was glaze day for the bowls and, knowing that the blowback would be extreme, i got down the respirator, put it on over my glasses, put a wide brim hat over that and went out to spray.  found that it was easy to breathe and started in.  the floor fan, 16 inch size, was working well, blowing away the excess glaze. 


except that the wind was also blowing.  so, after i realized that the glaze in my eyes and on my glasses was making it hard to see, i went into the bathroom and washed my glasses.  that was when i realized that the respirator was lacking the big, pink hepa filters that were still in the bag.

In Topic: Brush-On Stoneware Glazes

20 October 2016 - 07:32 PM

yes, caden, Min has given you good advice.  bisque to a lower temperature, in your case you mention 04 and then finish with a brushed on glaze that is made to be fired at the temperature that the clay matures to, in your case cone 6.  


industry does the opposite to prevent losses.  they fire to maturity and then apply glaze and fire to a lower temperature so brighter colors can be used.  high temperatures usually are too much for bright colors and they burn away leaving a glaze surface with no color.


if you want to use brighter colors that can only go to a low temperature, fire your clay to maturity, cone 6 and when ready to apply glaze, heat the fired piece and apply your glaze.  brushing might be hard in this case since the piece will cool quickly and brushing is usually very slow.  re-heat as often as necessary.


 bet you only try that once and go to bisque at 04, then glaze at cone 6.

In Topic: Pestal And Mortar Machine

20 October 2016 - 07:20 PM

even bettter, bruce, thank you!