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i just realized that nobody has mentioned blowing up a bottle.  those of us with 30/40 years experience may remember the forms with the overblown balloon look and tiny neck.  pres and marcia's commemts make me remember that phase of working.


to make them, we threw a bottle shape and then used our breath to "blow up" the clay shape.  if the clay was evenly thrown, if we had enough air in our lungs, if there was no weak spot somewhere, then the bottle would expand evenly all the way around.  a quick wipe with a wet cloth and our lips were clean.  a quick touch-up to the neck straightened it.  you can imagine what happened if there was a weak spot or if the clay was too thickly thrown.


try it sometime.

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Yesterday, 09:36 AM

i am also self-taught.  the biggest thing i had to learn is that i was not always the problem, some were caused by too hard clay and the bat pins not being tight enough to hold the bat firmly.  i have never used that kind of bat but can say that if you are learning, you will want to learn the skill first before trying to produce a pot to keep.  


learn on the bare wheelhead.  when you are finished, cut the result in half to see what you actually did.  run a wire halfway under the clay and pull upwards, cutting half of (usually a mess) the clay off.  as you progress, you will notice that what you cut will be much more even in thickness.  seeing exactly what happens when you do certain things at the base or up the walls is a quick way to learn what not to do and what actually works. 


at this stage, you will not be saving more than the clay to wedge and try again, just have fun trying.  expectations are fiction, do not try to meet them until you can.

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28 March 2017 - 09:53 AM

oooh, evelyne, the only thing worse is that you were wearing a navy blue or black shirt at the time. :o

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28 March 2017 - 09:49 AM

form.  it is the basic foundation of the finished product.  a shape that is pleasing to my eye.  the proportions of the shape are critical.  the ones that i like are similar to the classic architectural designs that are still admired after centuries.  i know there is a term for it but cannot think of it right now, that 3-5-7 are better than 2-4-6 is as close as i can come right now.  gotta think about this.