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Yesterday, 11:01 PM

still trying to figure this one out.  no shrinking.


back in 1958, near christmas, my dad came home from getting a haircut and asked me if i still had the drawing i had done of the cocker spaniel puppy in a gift box.  i said i did.  he asked again and then asked if he could see it.  i got the sketchbook and showed him the only thing i had done in the entire pad of 50 sheet. a pastel of a blonde cocker puppy lifting the lid of a white box with a big red ribbon on it so he could get out.  christmas tree in the background.  


he then told my mom and i why he had asked.  there was an art gallery next to the barbershop and he saw "my" picture in the window.  he said he was sure it was mine but it had a price tag on it of $50.   so he was glad to see i still had mine.  the other was worth $50 but "it was good".

In Topic: Upcoming Deadline For Residencies June And July

Yesterday, 05:44 PM

thanks, marcia.  did you notice that someone made a comment with an acme type name, no location?

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Yesterday, 05:42 PM

HOORAY FOR TERRY!   :)   no going back now, you are at the edge of the rabbit hole.  careful, do not fall in too deep. :o


the giffin grip is a newer one so you got a deal on that.  the amounts of ingredients are less than ideal but you haven't yet decided which glaze recipe to use so it is good to have all that variety.  to have them all at home and not have to go out to shop is worth a lot. when you are ready to set up the giffin grip, not geffen or griffon or whatever spellcheck says, call me.

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Yesterday, 05:34 PM

ron, last year i found a small kiln on craigslist.  a paragon 66.  i do not speak square feet but the kiln is just under 12 inches deep and a 12 inch shelf just fits inside.  it is plugged into a wall mounted controller that i used for years with my huge paragon until it finally died.  i don't know why, it was only 40 years old or so.


because of the controller, i can fire tests that are similar to the big L&L with controller built in.   maybe if you just look for a small kiln, you can find a similar one.  mine was used by someone who fired the typical greenware or bisque pieces you find at paint your own pottery places so it never went above 06.  i had it serviced by the kiln doctor who is our 4 state local kiln expert and it is just fine.  a very practical size for testing since i always think "what if" and add a few more test tiles to what i had.

In Topic: What Exactly Did I Buy?

Yesterday, 05:16 PM

don't eat the fruit!