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In Topic: Craft Shows... Tips For Success

Yesterday, 05:24 PM

has anyone done the  Fairfax City Fall Festival in Fairfax, Va?  the website was for 2013 and when i called i found that they are still accepting applications for the show on Oct. 11.  it is a few blocks from where i used to live but i moved away when it was in its second year.  this is a low cost looking show with a sizable crowd and i know they have money to buy, i just wonder if they do buy.

In Topic: Glaze Stoneware Or Earthenware?

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

if this works out like the usual Murphy's law, you will have a great glaze that you want to duplicate and use all your life and will not know anything about it.   :)

In Topic: White Glaze Issues.

Yesterday, 05:13 PM

since you have cornwall stone, you might want to try a second glaze recipe.  i have made this and it is very smooth and satiny.  the clay i use is white so though the recipe calls it a transparent glaze, my test shows as white.  in my next firing, i plan to test it over several underglazes and with colorants.  the original tests i did in 2011 were limited to only three variations.


Cornwall Transparent  ^6 or ^8   (this is written on the original recipe as given to me, i fire at cone 6)


cornwall stone            82

whiting                        12

colemanite/gerstley      2

nephaline syanite         4



when you add tin or something to make it white you should have a great glaze that is simple.  it could be great on your clay.


hope it helps.

In Topic: Anybody Ever Make A Sink?

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

you sound close enough to Shepherdstown WV, top of the valley, that you might consider visiting Del Martin in Sharpsburg, md.. he makes sinks, fires at cone 10.  he is at Foxcross Pottery and is very willing to help other potters.


in addition, you might try David Norton, who is at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria but lives in Round Hill, Va.  the name of his wonderful studio is Potterosa.

In Topic: What Is Your Throwing Position?

19 July 2014 - 11:02 PM

it is always fun to visit another potter's studio.


my chair is an ergonomically designed office chair with 6 wheels and arms.  in other words, it is not very comfortable but it is padded.



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































 i throw in it, roll around to the storage cart with the freshly thrown pot on its bat and roll back.  this gives me some additional exercise