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In Topic: Tempting The Kiln Gods

Yesterday, 06:25 PM

cold glazed pots do not want to accept a new, wet layer of glaze.  it will slide down and not stick . amy, any method of warming the pot will work. warming is the important thing. just be sure to apply the glaze immediately.  if you wait until it cools again, it won't stick.  you are overthinking the moisture in a gas oven. i have used my last pm so i am posting here.  

In Topic: Scaling Up Glazing Buckets

Yesterday, 05:44 PM

check your local car wash.  they get things in mid-sized barrels.  some do not have a way to open except a small screw on lid.  ask for the other kind.

In Topic: Drilling Holes In My E18 L&l For Air Inlets.

Yesterday, 05:17 PM

this is a great forum.  it has lots of people who have lots of ideas.


 B U T !  you have a question whose answer is readily available through the source who knows it all.  use the telephone to call L & L.  talk directly to the technical expert who knows exactly what to tell you to do about putting holes in your kiln.  


you also said you have seen the black clay done correctly.  find out who did it and talk to them. electronic media is now so prevalent that talking is out of fashion.  sometimes it is just better to go to the source and talk. 


the world is heading toward and electronic tower of Babel.

In Topic: Pots Away!

27 February 2015 - 06:56 PM

roberta, you almost have it.  if you suggest that the person receiving the gift would appreciate it more if the giver made it herself........................... 


i have had 20 or so people say they wanted to make something and as soon as i offer them the opportunity, they have some excuse or another.

In Topic: Rehydrating Old Glazes

27 February 2015 - 06:34 PM

use a large loop tool to scrape the drying glazes from the bottom of the bucket.  that will make it easier to remove them.


i am the distilled water fan.  the water in the last 4 places i lived left calcium and i don't know what on everything.  distilled water is less than a dollar a gallon at most stores. some of my glazes were made in the drywall buckets left over from making my house in 1990.  the buckets were new when i made the glaze.  still using them.  5 gallons of brown takes a long time to go away since i don't like brown.