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In Topic: Clay For Making Kiln Furniture

Today, 07:04 PM

have seen videos of people using red clay flowerpots as saggars in open firings.  would that work to cover your work and protect if from falling wood?

In Topic: Adding Colorants To Prepared Slips

Today, 06:52 PM

are the cubes of clay totally dry when you add water?  dry clay and dry colorants can be measured.


if you are mixing by the "i wonder if this will work?" method, the way i did it for years, and still do,  add some cobalt carb to some white slip and thoroughly mix it with a stick blender.  a wonderful addition to a glaze kitchen not available back when you did the nice pony plate.  look for some color in the resulting mixture, cobalt is pinkish in the carbonate form so your slip might be a soft pink.  separate it into two containers and add a little more cobalt to one.  that way you will have 2 shades of blue. once it is thouroghly mixed in, run it through a 60 mesh sieve and see how it really smooths out the color and the texture.


of the colors you have, the cobalt is the easiest, the strongest and the simplest to work with.  copper will give you a green but many glazes that you put over it will turn the green to grey if the glaze has zinc in it.  if you mix your own, a clear without zinc may actually give you green.  rio is also easy but it will result in a dark or lighter brown depending on quantity added.


i do not use nickel, chrome or manganese.  they are not things i want to work with.  some of our very talented and knowledgeable academics might comment on their use.  


most of all, have fun.

In Topic: Kiln Shelves

Today, 06:31 PM

actually, when i grow up i have decided i want to be Betty White.  everyone loves her.  what do you want to be?


you can see that the sharpie has burned off at the front edge where i leave a half inch high gap until all gasses are gone.  at least none show up on my mirror as fog.  about 1100 degrees F.


there are lots of old posts that encourage people to always use the same places for posts.   if you want to see what is under your kiln, put a mirror on the floor and tilt it until you can see the whole bottom. it is OK, after all, we are never talking about tons of weight on a high heel shoe.

In Topic: Respirators

Today, 10:48 AM

YES!!! :D  that is the one!

In Topic: Kiln Shelves

Today, 10:41 AM

ron, most people start out small.  i will never understand cubic feet as a kiln description since when i bought my first one they were referred to by inches, mine being  18x18.  that one lasted me from 1972 to 1992 or so when i was given a huge one, 27 deep by 23 across.  i sold the small one and it is probably still in use.


my brain was fuzzy last night when i told you you could use the same marks for half shelves.  what i meant to say was that a pair of half shelves can fit on 4 posts, each corner sits on half of a post and then one at the widest part.  make more sense?  you can still put sharpie indicators on the top row of bricks so every time you load, the weight is on the same place.