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In Topic: Quick Question: Progressing From Test Glaze Batches To Production Batches

Yesterday, 07:26 PM

i think it is interesting that we are working on the 6th page of this "quick question". :D

In Topic: Qotw: Would You Fire Your (Smaller) Work In A Trash Bin Kiln?

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

my post about the similar raku kiln was lost.


how are pots put into this kiln and how are they removed?  have not seen that in any of the videos or pictures, did i miss it?

In Topic: Quick Question: Progressing From Test Glaze Batches To Production Batches

Yesterday, 12:29 PM

some supermarket "bakeries" have buckets like the donut shop.  some still get 2 sizes of buckets full of icing from a company called Brill.  they come in 3 1/2 gallon and 2 gallon sizes.  these buckets are smaller than 5 gallons but good for a quantity of glaze.  the 5 gallon size seems to be only available free from drywall mud users.  if you are going to pay for 5 gallon  buckets, white Sherwin Williams buckets are best because the bottom of the interior is rounded and a rubber spatula cleans it more completely than the sharp edged buckets allow.


for some reason, some supermarket bakeries are happy to save buckets for you and some do not want to give you one even if you arrive just as it is being emptied and you are willing to take it without being washed out.  they give crazy excuses.  some also get the icing in plastic bags and never have buckets.  try another supermarket.


i mix dry ingredients and store the base recipe in the larger buckets.  when i want to glaze, i mix the base with whichever color i want and put that into a smaller bucket.  keeps more colors available without having all big bucketfuls.  the Brill buckets are white and have lots of room for sharpie notes about what is inside.   and sharpie words come off with cotton and hairspray to change the names.

In Topic: Changes In Studio Pottery Glazes Over The Last 40 Years

02 July 2015 - 07:17 PM

thank you, John, for putting into words my feelings.  


IMO all visuals for the last ??years have screamed.


paintings from the late 1800s showed life as it happened and we see city scenes of buildings, people walking, riding in carriages, the way the light changes, bucolic scenes with trees, sky, etc.  restful things that were thought representative of what was around people and attractive to the viewer. 


the frenetic jumble of images presented to the average person these days is astoundingly complex and not at all restful.  just think of the hundreds of 10 second multi-shot commercials that go past our eyes endlessly in one day.


lots of the pots i see are similar in their lack of focus and intentional distractions.  maybe i am just too old to LIKE my mind being attacked at all times in all ways. 

In Topic: Joining Before Or After Firing.

30 June 2015 - 10:32 AM

are there hardware stores in Australia?  they probably have  different name but a place where you go to get nails, screws, window screening, all the things everybody needs to fix the physical parts of their homes.  there will be someone in that kind of store who can explain all this.  


a book on plumbing will have diagrams and photos of how things are connected.


you do not clean an overflow.  that is probably something you will not need to worry about.  it is simply a safety feature to keep your bench and floor from having water reach it if somehow a tap is left on and the sink plugged. rising water will eventually get to an opening that will carry the water around the plug and into the drainpipe.  the overflow hole is usually right in the front of the user so it can hardly be seen without bending way over the sink and looking close to the rim.  only once in all these years have i had a need for an overflow and that was on a bathtub.  two kids in a tub can have a lot of fun.  their mom, not so much.


i have friends who make sinks and they do not put overflows into the design.