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In Topic: How Forgiving Is Placement Of Posts Under Shelves?

Yesterday, 10:15 PM

there is a simple way to keep the posts lined up.  i use full shelves and so only need 3 posts and i prefer the triangular ones.  


to keep them lined up i drew 3 triangles in marker on the top rim of the kiln walls at about thirds of the way around the kiln.  very seldom do i need to put posts outside these marks by more than an inch or two.  they are located at the edge of the shelf so i can use every inch of space.  after a year or so i re-draw the marks because they do fade over time.


when i get toward the top, i sometimes use a half shelf for leftover small things or to allow a lower shelf to hold something tall on the opposite side of the kiln.  still put two of the posts close to the original spot and a centered one on the outside diameter of the half shelf.

In Topic: Amaco "texturizer".

Yesterday, 10:33 AM

if you call amaco and ask for the tech who has worked there the longest, you might get lucky.

In Topic: Every Once In A While,

Yesterday, 10:27 AM

a dozen or so would be good.  if you find 1/2 inch ones, even better.

In Topic: Small Stuff Sells-This One Sweet Dish Is From Oldlady

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

thank you, mark.  these are the kind of thing i make by pressing interesting leaves into a thick piece of raku clay and bisque firing it.  i have several of them with a variety of leaves and the dragonfly.  after the "mold" is made, making a small dish takes less than a minute.


roll a thin slab, 1/4 in is too thick, try a 1 gallon size paint stirring stick as a guide. then use a circular cookie cutter, roll over the impression with a pony roller, re-cut to a circle, then shape it with a glass pressed into the clay on foam rubber.  a lot like making christmas cookies. and more rewarding. $


i appreciate being an old lady.  i died on an operating table in 1974 but i am still here.  i celebrate the name.

In Topic: Every Once In A While,

18 October 2014 - 10:47 PM

are the posts, you called them stilts, square or triangular?  i have been looking for triangular one inch ones if you would like to trade for square ones.