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In Topic: Trouble Getting Kiln Information

Today, 10:41 AM

stacie, do you plan to use this kiln?  are you planning to sell it?

In Topic: What Exactly Is Shino

Today, 10:32 AM

ok, student, do not be offended.  you are asking the million dollar question.  not quite like asking for someone to explain a line of shakespeare before you know the alphabet, more like asking why is the sky blue.  and a different blue each day. 


i do not think anyone has an answer.

In Topic: Any Glaze Recommendations? Please!

Today, 10:29 AM

you might not see as many specific responses as you would like but maybe that is because everyone uses colors that fit their own clay and way of working.  with no photos or info on what you do, it is hard to say.  stuff that looks good on my white clay may not work on your dark brown.  i want transparency so people can see the carving, drawing or impression of what i have already done to the piece before glazing.  that is ugly to people who want subtle shading or multiple glazes over others.


you just might have to look at the offerings of the manufacturers and ask them about your specific situation, clay type and color, etc.

In Topic: Business Advice Aka How Not To Eat Cat Food For Dinner

Today, 10:22 AM

nancy, thank you for bringing this up again.  i had not finished the entire thing when it first appeared and today i read it all.


can you tell us what you have been doing lately?  the pet urn idea seems like a winner, something you like to do and a business that can work anywhere you might choose to live.  there are pets everywhere and veterinarians all over so the possibilities seem unlimited.


i had an idea last fall but did nothing about it because of timing and fear of success.  there are many specialty magazines catering to people who do all kinds of things.  one i checked out was for chicken owners.  the potential market was the 70,000 subscribers to the magazine.  the item would be a gift with a chicken featured somehow.  if i remember correctly, the percentage of responses to a random advertising mailing was considered good if 1% responded.  so i thought if i could reach that 1% with an advertisement cost of $175 for december, i might sell 700 small items that way.  it was too scary for right then so i filed it away with the rest of the get-rich-quick schemes stored way back in my head.


what if you took out an ad for your urns in a pet magazine after building up a pile of stock to supply the buyers?  there are tons of them, dogs only, cats only, etc.

In Topic: Tell Me Why This Is A Bad Idea 1

Yesterday, 09:42 PM

:) ronsa, for the visual pleasure of it, look up joseph lonewolf pottery.  i am lucky enough to have a thin paperback book with his work in it.  he worked in the same size as your littlest one.  i think art would like them, too.