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In Topic: I Think I Posted Some Pictures To The Gallery

Today, 04:25 PM

 thanks, terry, going to try again with something different, the ones you saw as bisque will be glazed.  i hope.  have been working on the nice page of the website my instructor has set up for me.  she left me nice boxes to type in.  did you know that if a cat walks across the keyboard your words disappear into the great beyond?  even the nice little boxes are gone.......sigh...................................


it is now 6:31 pm.  no go.  i am going out on the boat, toh with this............sigh......................................

In Topic: Are You Making Your Own Pottery Tools?

Today, 12:50 PM

I'am happy that you all part with your self made tools ideas. 


Judy, you just click on the "Quote" you want to quote and you can write just under the enframed text box. If you want to quote only part of the text, you can delete (inside the text box) the text you don't want to show.

like this, evelyne?  thank you for the info that is nowhere else.

In Topic: I Think I Posted Some Pictures To The Gallery

Today, 11:44 AM

thanks, my favorite thing is to draw on clay.  the least favorite is glazing.  wish i could use an airbrush, maybe i can hire one of the tee shirt sprayer guys or gals.


going to try to put  up the final shot.   typing, typing, typing................................


did not work.  i resized it in paint.  to 500x375.  it said the server had a problem.  tried all i know,  for 30 minutes.  no pic..sigh..............................


did same thing again and again for additional 11 minutes.  it is now 1:28 pm.  notice when i started.  it wanted a file name.  i had done that repeatedly.  it finally took it by "tag" using the number the camera gave it.  what a pain..............................

In Topic: Drying Bowls - Rim Up Or Rim Down

Today, 07:39 AM

i use small Duron bats and throw dry and thinly leaving the foot almost trimmed once it leaves the wheelhead.  they stay on the bat until they dry enough to separate from it.  then they are trimmed and turned upside down on drywall to expose the bottom to dry them.


if i have made lots at one sitting, they might spend the night still on the small square bats but inside plastic grocery bags.  in the morning or whenever i returned, they were uncovered, slipped, carved and trimmed. somewhere in this step they pop off the bat.  no warping.  put upside down on old wire refrigerator shelves for final drying and to get them out of the main studio.  when enough are ready they are hot waxed, glazed and fired.


those small bats are great, i had a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of Duron cut into 5 inch squares.  do the math.  had to give half away so i could store the rest.

In Topic: I Think I Posted Some Pictures To The Gallery

Today, 12:08 AM

thank youl,  i do not know the original artist, the picture is wonderful  mine is a pale imitation.


i still have the sticks a friend gave me in 1978 when she stopped making pots.  they give wonderful impressions but i do not know what kind of wood they are.  for years i had a branch that looked exactly like a wild turkey's head sitting on my studio window.  sometimes i could see real ones out that way.  today the area is covered in white fluff, the cottonwoods have played their game of "let's make it snow again" and it did look like snow coming down.