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In Topic: How Do You Select The Equipment You Want To Purchase?

Yesterday, 11:13 PM

psc, the lightweight slab roller fix is an easy one if you have the blue painted metal legs on the northstar.  get two  3/8 inch 3 foot long threaded rods from lowes or home depot.  get a slightly larger drill bit and drill holes so you can run the rods from the front to the back of your slab roller.  cut the 36 inch rod down so it fits through the holes and leaves an inch or less for the nuts that will hold them in place.  you do not want to have excess rod sticking out and hurting someone.  the rods form a solid support for a  thick shelf that will almost be the same size as your table top.


the good part is selecting the exact height of the rod location.  if you put it in the approximate center of the legs you will have about 12 to 15 or so inches of space on which you can put a 3/4 piece of plywood to hold kiln shelves, boxes of clay or anything else bulky and heavy.  your slab roller will no longer travel as you use it.  you could even put two shelves in that way.


sorry i cannot send you a picture of the setup i made that way.  in the stolen camera............ :(

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Yesterday, 10:30 PM

the picture i posted is just a junk picture from years ago.  i do not know where to store pictures, i will look into photobucket.  i started years ago with Kodak which is gone now, then Picasa which is also gone now.  my camera was stolen this spring and it had a year's worth of stuff i really wanted to keep but did not where to put it.  that is all gone now and i have a new camera but do not know how to store the pictures i have taken this year.  


thank you for the suggestions, i will look into photobucket.


computers want me to remember to go from step 1 to step 2 to step 3 to step 4 and so on.  i want to do step 1 and then step 4 so i keep messing up.  

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Yesterday, 10:23 PM

if you use your slab roller table as a work surface, attatch a small container to the side or end of your slab roller for those tiny bits of stuff that would wind up sticking to  the work if they are left on the tabletop.  the  tiny bits of clay that are left when you cut a line a little too big, the bits left over and all the rest of the junk that appears as if by bad magic.  do not just set a box nearby, drive a screw through it to make sure it doesn't all fall over and make a mess on the floor.

In Topic: Testing Picture

29 August 2014 - 10:49 PM

that is the problem.  i h a t e computers.  they always want you to do the same thing.

In Topic: Testing Picture

29 August 2014 - 03:14 PM

no, it doesn't................... :(