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In Topic: Festival Survival

Today, 06:13 PM

one of those ceramics based mysteries is written by my old friend, denise kupiszewski.  she doesn' use that name, though.  i don't know why, it is so visual, a chef on a chicken coop on skis sliding down a mountain.

In Topic: Dying Clear Glaze

Today, 06:07 PM

tell Amaco so they can fix it.

In Topic: Last Glaze Fire Of The Year Today

Today, 05:54 PM

i bet you go fishing!

In Topic: Robin Hopper's Mocha Diffusion-Base Slip

Today, 12:46 AM

doc, sorry, i do not have anything about mocha diffusion in my glaze book.  i read all the things noted in the many responses above and see that the general opinion of potters who have experience in this use boiled tobacco and apple cider vinegar. having wet slip freshly applied and touching a brush to the edge results in the tree-like forms that spread out from the spot that is touched.  if you read the questions under the video, robin answers the questions you have asked re the specific feldspar, etc..

In Topic: What Are Your Favorite Animals?

19 December 2014 - 12:17 AM

paul, how can you not recognize a sleek seal when you made it???