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Teaching and studio work; accused of using the studio for financial gain

23 March 2013 - 09:21 AM

I work at a university in Alabama. Alabama has the Alabama Ethics Commission that regulates public employees. Part of the code of ethics states that an employee may not use facilities in order for financial gain. They force us to watch films on the subject and sign papers which state that we have not financially gained from our positions using public funds, property of materials. (not sure of exact wording as I type this) I have been fighting this with my chair off and on for too long. I have always felt that my students need to see work being done and produced so they can more fully grasp the potential of the medium and when I am working in the studio the differences in their work is marked. I have built my own studio at home and do most of my work there. I must say that my work takes a back seat to all of the duties of teaching four classes (only one multilevel class in clay) and other university obligations. Work at the school is mostly in the form of demo pieces and occasionally larger pieces as the kilns are larger there. My colleagues at other state schools have their studios at their school with no studio at their homes. My last correspondence with my chair indicated that even demo pieces were off limits??? Any suggestions on how to fight this conundrum?