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Non-Plastic Clay

16 April 2014 - 12:42 PM

First, a quick but heartfelt thanks to the pros among you who have helped me in the past. No mistake, I've found, is too obvious to avoid...

Now an issue with a clay body. I have two hundred and some pounds of a clay body that is barely okay for throwing, if I work fast, but seems to lack the plasticity needed for decent pulled handles. It cracks badly, and I've ruined more than a few mugs. My technique hasn't changed, and the same kind of handles with a different clay body work just fine.

This batch is from Laguna (actually, they both are) and they have been pretty consistent for me in the past.

What's the cure? Will it improve with time? Something quicker?

Glaze Too Thick...and Too Thin

06 April 2014 - 04:23 PM

I've mixed glazes too thick before, and I've mixed them too thin. But this time I seem to have done both, with the same glaze.
That is, I mixed up a new batch of a recipe that I've used with good results before, got distracted by other projects for a couple of weeks, and came back to find it had thickened considerably, way too thick for dipping. So I added a bit of water until the consistency seemed fine, stirred well, then had a good session with the glaze.
Coming back just two days later to finish the batch of pots, I found a lot of water on the top. Stirring it back in produced a glaze way too thin, about like skimmed milk. I waited a day, let the water collect on top again, scooped it off, then mixed again, and found the glaze is STILL too thin, way too thin. I have mixed it quite thoroughly and felt around in there, but nothing has settled out... Seems that no matter how much water I remove, it's too thin
This has to be a newbie mistake. What should I do?

Paper Clay For Throwing?

26 March 2014 - 05:11 PM

Anyone had experience throwing with paper clay? Perhaps someone could save me the trouble and mess of mixing up a batch to experiment with?
Also, am I correct that the shrinkage rate of the clay body would be unchanged by the addition of paper fibers/dust?

Throwing Clay, Cone 6 - Recommendations?

21 February 2014 - 05:52 PM

In my area, the most readily available clay is Laguna/Miller. Sheffield is also available, but considerably more expensive, and another hour's drive.
I like a darker body, and have used recently #60 (WC-608), a speckled tan, sometimes mixed with a bit of #90. For wheel throwing, I like the 90 much better, but have an easier time selling the 60. I find the 60 pretty thirsty stuff.
As a quarter-time potter, I don't throw with the speed or confidence of a production potter, so I'd appreciate a somewhat more forgiving body
Any recommendations for a favorite tan-to-brown throwing body from Laguna?
Thanks in advance.

Firing Schedule, Cone 6 Glazes

05 January 2014 - 10:51 AM

Anyone advise me on the advisability/dangers to fast firing of cone 6 oxidation glazes? I don't mean soak or hold times, just how quickly I bring the kiln up to temp.
What little training I ever received in firing only differentiated bisque and glaze firings by the desired temp or cone, not the length of the firing. So I've always ramped up slowly, bisque or glaze.
My consideration here is not just time, but the expense of lengthy firings. If I can shave a few hours off a glaze firing without compromising my results, then it just makes sense.
Any advise much much appreciated.